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Coming into bloom

Welcome to my site and blog, a transcript of my personal metamorphosis. Our paths will be different undoubtedly, but here you will find answers that illuminate important aspects of that process. To benefit fully, articles are sequentially arranged from elementary to esoteric, left to right. Make yourself at home, click on the links, enjoy the funnies, and leave a note before you go... would love to hear from you!  I am sure you will find the answers you seek. At least you’ll be headed in the right direction. 😋 So for starters, a few words about erasing the subconsious clogs jamming up the system and some thoughts on enlightening the mind.

Imagine if you will a little sapling belting out a tune:
“I don’t wanna grow up!
I’m a seeds r us kid.
Trunks, and limbs, and fruit
Are not for me, ok Dad!
‘Cause things like growing are too much for me.
I’d rather be a sapling than a great big tree.” (LoL)

Thank goodness all living things, are 'excited' about growing up and do with great flourish in all kinds of environments. There are really a great many perks to doing so. But living can be a hair raising experience at times. So, here are some tips to making every day a good day and every night a gift.

Before you go to sleep each night and at the same time preferably, listen to some soothing calming sounds of nature or peaceful instrumental, while inhaling and exhaling deeply. Allow the stomach to expand and breathe out through the mouth. Relax. Recall a time you were ecstatic about something: a first date, promotion, graduation or win. Relive the experience fully, feeling all of the wonderful feelings this accomplishment evoked. Then think about an affirmation that you would like to experience and drift off to sleep with positive thoughts in mind.

You will reprogram your mind and awaken refreshed. Do for 5-10 minutes at some point during your day consistently for three weeks and see the incredible difference this brings to your life. Let me know how it works for you. Learn more at Miracle Mix 101

Happy thoughts!

Andrea Skhy

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