Person and Purpose ~ Allow me to introduce

What is Enlightenedskhy all about?  It is a compendium of ideas and strategies sure to expand your prowess at living life well. There is so much to know, one would really need many lifetimes to accomplish. (LoL) I prefer to make this one the most memorable!   

As such, I am a SEEKER and along the way have discovered some fascinating things that may be of tremendous value to you. That is the purpose of this site: to offer signposts, experiences, and commentaries that will steer you clear of the ditches and facilitate your pursuit of happiness. With this in mind, I highly recommend you check out Conscious Life News at We are the framers of our global community. What an incredible and important task. Become a participant and help me make our world the talk of the town! It's happening, important action is occuring, things are looking up!

Andrea Skhy holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Florida International University and a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Washington. Go Panthers and Huskies!  She is a published author and poet, former musician, outdoor enthusiast, and activist for a more peaceful and unified world.


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