Happy Thoughts!

It’s a beautiful day here in my part of the globe. Blue skies are doing a victory dance. (LoL) I’d like to share with you an absolutely essential ingredient for success!  On my previous blog the importance of undoing faulty thinking was discussed and suggestions for doing so were affirmations, visualization, and positive thoughts. But how does one get to positive thoughts?

I have always found this to be a worthwhile pursuit if for no other reason, than being happy was far more pleasurable to being disgruntled about career, family, wardrobe, salary, partner (or lack of), home, world conditions, commute 😉 etc. Although this may seem Pollyannaish, unhappy thoughts do a number of things to your biochemistry that perpetuate their lifespan (lol) so to start down that path becomes a hazardous gamble.  Of course, one needs to embrace all of your feelings in each moment of every day.

So how do we get to positive thinking from whatever situation may be upsetting in any way? A shift in thinking to Gratitude. In fact, let me take this opportunity to say thank you to all the persons I have had the good fortune of knowing in my life story thus far. So much has been gleaned from each encounter and to my coaches and mentors, a special THANK YOU.

You see, really rotten experiences provide the launching pad and motivation for desired ones, and furthermore they acquaint us in pronounced ways, with what we do not want, so essentially they are the catalyst for really good things! What a spin. (LoL) Now you say, Ah, your life is charmed, that’s easy for you to say. Let’s take a look at this. You see with the economic downturn and the ripples of the housing bubble bust in 2008, a great many households were seriously disrupted and life took on a very different flavor, with the dynamics of family and relationships affected in important ways. Not to mention the impact of natural disasters etc.  It’s easier to be happy when things are going well. 🤭

But you and I know that life shows up in all sorts of unplanned ways which can be tremendously discouraging at times. So do we have any control over our daily experience and life events? It turns out we have a great deal!  You see the quality of our thoughts (how happy or sad) are largely determined by the way we choose to interpret our experiences. So for example we might encounter a bottleneck in traffic at a certain intersection. Our thoughts might be, “why do mornings have to be so high maintenance” (lol), or we could simply find another route to work.  If not, pack a pleasant tape along and enjoy your commute. 

The key is: living life as you would like it to be.  Make a list of the major things that you are unhappy with in order of their importance. Pick one, then think about what steps might be necessary to creating your desire and give yourself easy manageable steps to getting there. Be thankful for every little thing that has landed you at this runway. You see, positive thoughts generate good feelings which lead to more positive thoughts and experiences! Before long it’s take-off! 😀

You don’t have to get to somewhere, someone, or something to be happy. You can be happy right NOW. It will improve everything in exponential ways! While it is true that re-inventing your perspective to HAPPY might be a daunting task, it will reward you in every moment of your day and create more festive, jubilant, happy moments destined for success than you could ever imagine. This will be the major accomplishment of your life.  

And just think of all the ways in which your social life will bloom. So again, the steps are: gratitude which leads to happy thoughts which lead to better decisions and life experiences. Dialogue with your negative thoughts and take action to improve things. Now in the comment section, tell me what makes you happy and how your merriment has paid off. Let’s have fun with this!

Who knows? It just might even lead to world peace. LoL Now wouldn’t that be a great accomplishment?! After all, happy hearts lead to happy homes which lead to happy workplaces, communities, countries and global relations. So you see happy hearts multiplied can truly make a world of difference. Pun intended LOL Don’t leave home without it! Much love to you all!   ~ Andrea

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