Jan. 31, 2016

Sizing up the Situation



Now as to the matter of happy thoughts, I really do realize this is not the easiest task. You see a charmed life as mentioned, is not what the last decade has delivered, but certainly one that has inspired new desires and altogether different preferences. LOL Does this 'positive thinking' notion really work? Well you decide. Here are some of my obstacles that have had to be surmounted. 


  •  Harassment on the job of which there are many instances : One clinician ousting another and insisting on a new performance appraisal than that which was just submitted.
  • Terminated right before birthday with apartment in foreclosure. No reasons given.
  • Told by another clinical director that they could read my thoughts and didn’t like my perceptions of them. (lol)
  • On a job working with terminally ill patients, told that someone had expired because I spoke to them about death.
  • On first day of job, told I was wearing the wrong style shirt and could not stay for work.
  • On another instance, showed up to work to find the office closed.
  • Asked to do something I found unethical, which when I refused, was the recipient of great rage and termination.
  • On another job, no pay for work provided.
  • Defrauded of thousands of dollars by fake guru and teachers.
  • New job gotten, then car doesn’t work. Reliability now a question.
  • Checking account closed without notice or legitimate reason, when I brought a check to be deposited.
  • Broadsided in parking lot days before start of new job. Spent a few days in the hospital and months after recuperating.
  • Almost killed on numerous occasions while driving responsibly. Rear-ended 02/26/16
  • Family insists on dependency, have in all sorts of ways tried to derail career, advised to check out government housing and subsidy, etc. (LoL)
  • Family attempts to coerce partnerships with entirely incompatible persons.
  • Treated as if I don’t exist.
  • Online business destroyed via computer chicanery, thousands lost, and raped besides!
  • Told I had fabricated the rape. Hospitalized involuntarily by parent thereafter.
  • Absolute chaos and continual disruption of personal and financial pursuits by family.
  • When adversarial behaviors are addressed, parent informs I have a devil. (lol) This devil I have never really liked (to put it mildly lol) so am not sure how he/she could have any influence at all. (LoL)
  • Created new website, now computer is acting up. Facebook posts intermittently not allowed through the feed. Wink
  • Held hostage by family via intimidation, manipulations and lack of resources, while attempting to create new associates and leave present environment.
  • Called all sorts of awful things by this parent who is obsessed with control.  Sad
  • Told I am blaspheming when I question the sanity of a God who has been utterly unresponsive and quite violent besides.
  • Community agencies totally corrupt, unethical and inept in not correcting the situation despite repeated requests and an offer to assist in amending current statutes. It is disgraceful really. 

I could go on. Again, do positive thoughts really make a difference?  Undoubtedly they do. I’m still standing and certain that life will bring appropriate resolution to this circumstance. In some ways it already has. The world is created by thought. No I am NOT responsible for thinking any of this into being. There are energies besides my own influencing the mix. But I am responsible for my own happiness which is a wonderful thing! I get to design my mental landscape: sunshine or precipitation, all up to me. Smile  

So perhaps this will inspire your creating a life you desire. You see, the present moment is all we really have but undoubtedly, a powerful ally for transformation.  If in each moment we choose to be aware of our blessings, potentials, and make choices aligned with our well-being, we will not only be happier, but greatly expand the likelihood of satisfying experiences. Here’s wishing you all the best in your manifesting endeavors. Heart



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