Thoughts are like escalators. Choose ones that are taking you up!

And Away We Go...


How are you doing with dynamizing each day? Drumroll please!  Don’t ever think for a minute that your accomplishments aren’t important. Your successes are determined by the challenges you have overcome.  Comparisons not advised. So let’s embark on a whirlwind tour to getting you closer to your destination and me to mine. 😉

Just as seeds have within them the instructions for their life’s bloom, so you were created with an inner knowing of who you are and what you are here to do. The creator fully intended that each person should achieve their destiny, and equipped you to do just that! So what is your destiny and how will you fulfill it? Let’s shine some light on this hero’s journey and make it a little easier for all.

Did you make a list of the things that make you happy?  If not, do so right away in bold print and post it somewhere you’ll see every day… phone, mirror, pocketbook, etc. Whenever things aren’t going well, refer to your handy guide to shift your mood to happier thoughts.

This really is important to your success. The idea is not to ignore the things that upset but to identify practical ways they can be overcome and make a goal of doing so.  Make it manageable: one thing each week or season, confidently stepping towards your future. Never mind what the present looks like today, staying focused and taking action will get you there.

Very often growing up, we lose sight of the things that really excite us. We lost ourselves in the expectations of family, teachers, partners, religion, etc. While they may be well intentioned, only you know best what inspires you, gives you goosebumps, energizes your thinking and gets you out of bed with eager anticipation.  

No one else knows better than you do what is right for you. So find a quiet place and get out some pen and paper. Take some deep cleansing breaths.

Ask for Divine guidance to assist you in finding your way and now give yourself undistractedly to listing all the things that have inspired you, both past and present. Whether it was a place or person, a career, sport, hobby, class, movie etc. There are no silly answers. Write it all down.

Now decide how your life would look if you were living your dreams. Be as detailed as you can. Create your own high definition reel and carefully record in your mind’s eye, the sights, sounds, tastes, aromas, persons, places and activities of what that looks like.

The key to success will be honoring your most authentic self. This is your purpose! The things that inspire you are a good indicator of that. Happy feelings are your clue as to whether you are headed in the right direction.  When your mood fizzles, examine the situation, feel the feelings, then let them go.

Choose thoughts that make you feel better. Only in the present moment can your desires be called into being so stay in the present. The past no longer exists. If you are in a situation from which you cannot immediately leave, focus on calming your thoughts and devising a solution.

Remember, what you think persistently, you will create. Quieting the mind can assist with gaining clarity and uncovering hidden truths. Daily visualize what you wish to achieve. Before bedtime and when you awaken are good occasions for doing so.  You are going to become your best ally!

In Summary then:

1) Make your happy list.

2) Create your intention, what you would like to accomplish. VISUALIZE

3) Analyze your limiting beliefs and replace them. Utilize your affirmations.

To our success! The planet is long overdue an abundance of happiness.



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