Democracy & Transcendence

Of all the decisions that have affected my life in immeasurable ways, the choice to live in a democracy has undoubtedly been the most momentous and cherished. It truly is a remarkable gift, though house norms, culture, and ideology do not align with the "land of the free and the home of the brave." It seems we are a melting pot of dogma, norms, and lifestyle, despite our shared nationality. But whatever our moorings or origin, most are here undoubtedly, for the privileges that this society brilliantly envisioned and bestows. Might there be a correlation between democracy and enlightenment?

I am of the perspective that there is! A heart aligned with our highest good, will be reflected in all aspects of our lives, including the form of governance we advocate and participate in. Democracy, from my vantage point, is a product of enlightened thinking. There are many different forms of government, but only one in which supreme power is vested in the people, and self-determination protected via the process of a free-electorate. It is the only system that allows full actualization of our potentials and places its destiny entirely in the hands of its participants.

Democracy was coined by the Greeks, and first launched by the Athenian aristocracy in 476 B.C., lasting for approximately a millennium. It means "power of the people". Theirs was a direct democracy in which all people gathered together to make decisions, though only feasible in smaller communities. Our modern application is a representative democracy in which elected officials make decisions on our behalf. A republic is a democracy run by elected officials as is the structure of the United States government, whose constitution was formally ratified in the late 1700's. The founders of the United States had gotten clear on their vision and set their intentions!

We have come a long way since the inception of this idea, evolving the most egalitarian blueprint worldwide, with respect to gender, ethnicity and age. Women and men, any and all ethnicities of American birth or citizenship, and every individual 18 years or more, are afforded the privilege of political, participatory decision-making via the right to vote! You may not realize how priceless an entitlement this is, as our political system has become so unrepresentative of its constituents. Unfortunately, it has devolved to 'them' versus 'us' and a partisan process rather than the ardent protection of the primary interests of the American people.

This could be tremendously improved by Term Limits as the decades'-long tenure of many in Congress, has served to insulate from the challenges of public life, and like the frog in the pot of boiling water, inured them to greater identification with government rather than constituents, not to mention the tendency to cloak legislation with pork-barrel features that benefit lobbyists and do little for the overall health of citizens. We need a Congress and President who have not forgotten their pledge to place our interests first! This is all a part of mindful living.

The Middle Ages known also as the Dark ages (and rightly so), dubbed by Francesco Petrarch following the collapse of the Roman Empire and Greece, bear some interesting similarities. Whereas feudalism was the communal structure by which land was apportioned and service and loyalty exacted in return for protection, it would appear the current government via taxes, nefarious legislation, and voluminous debt, would have us mortgage our lives in exchange for their supposed protection, while attempting to diminish the right to bear arms and have us acquiesce to their invasive forms of surveillance. This is decidedly incongruent with a government "of the people, by the people, (and) for the people" as so eloquently advanced in the Gettysburg address.

The financial strength of our economy has been grossly undermined by the monopoly of the Federal Reserve and Fractional Reserve Banking which creates poverty and reduces the value of everyone else's money as shown here The Dark ages were similarly created by decreasing money, with the cascading loss in buying power. Loaning at low interest, then hiking it unpredictably has bankrupted many under the 'normalized' exploitation of "The Business Cycle". The plutocracy of Central banks, printing money out of thin air (creating inflation and devalued currency), then charging interest and taxing the populace for repayment is reprehensible! The boom and bust cycles intentionally created, unethical and disgraceful.

In the matter of healthcare, curative processes have progressed greatly from myth, folklore, and superstition, but the current cost is prohibitive for the majority. On the subject of spirituality, the parallels of an aggressive assault on the sacred places of Christianity by Seljukian, a Moslem adherent, are none too familiar, giving birth to the Crusades and a successful derailment by the laity of this ignoble agenda. The current aims of such ideology remain unchanged, requiring decided and pragmatic policies, to protect our freedoms and way of life.

We have unquestionably made great advances in globalization coming into the 21st century, which have resulted in the improvement of life for a great many via universal human rights. Of 195 countries in the world as viewed in 2015 via reports 89 (46%) are free, 55 (28%) partly free and 51 (26%), not free. The unfortunate trend in recent years has been increased surveillance, less favorable response to dissidents, and interference with web communications in certain locales. Unfortunately, we have not been stellar in our repudiation and disuse of such tactics!

Alas, all told, seems we have more than a few similarities with the Middle ages but counterbalanced with emerging pockets of enlightenment as with the Italian Renaissance and the fantastic rebirth of learning. Such discoveries as new continents, heavenly bodies, the extinction of feudalism and abuses of monarchy, development of architecture, commerce, and inventions, advances in philosophy, literature, and art, were a phenomenal testament to awakened minds and inspired perspectives. These ideals and accomplishments can only be attained in politically free societies where the human spirit, so incredibly visionary, transforms the worst of circumstances and improves the course of human events.

It starts with checking our moorings, finding our compass, and setting our intention. The United States of America is an unprecedented success story, the results of great thought, intention, and action, despite efforts to make it otherwise. No, not perfect, as the corporate 'expropriation' of the elective process tragically illustrates, but absolutely a winning idea! Perhaps the Tillman act needs to be reinstated. The checks and balances of our inclusive design were intended to harness the best practices for representing our interests in ethical and unbiased ways.

But it begins with an individual pledge to ideals far greater than ourselves, an inner work that manifests in incredibly inspiring lives and monumental legacies. This collective vision supersedes the potency of all existing arsenal! In fact, with it, and the alignment of congruent action, arsenal becomes altogether less relevant! Enlightened Intention ... it is the key to restoring the moral framework and untapped potentials of our democracy and our lives. Here's to creating a formidable 'present'! The future will take care of itself.

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