Ying or Yang?

The Scoop on God: A Postscript of Free Will


Recently I had occasion to visit some other countries, and soon observed some interesting differences. I noticed for example, that our pedestrian buttons at stoplights, were not present.  Cars were wizzing by at breakneck speeds. Free will in such places seemed largely a matter of learning to be ‘happy’ with the rules and staying out of harm’s way. The fleet was more important than the jet. Never mind the handwriting on the wall in the friendly skies, (lol) for every flight matters.  You get the analogy...

These were cookie cutter houses and matchbox cars and while material acquisitions aren’t the measure of success, there is a huge correlation between happiness and living life on your own terms. Such are only found in a free market where unlimited creativity and self-expression are allowed to flourish as in a true democracy. Incidentally, the true God is not this killjoy when it comes to prosperity. Your world is created by your wishes and intentions. What could be more prosperous than that?!

An excellent idea I found was a rating button at one airport’s departure terminal for international visitors. Unfortunately, my brief stay was memorably unpleasant! The ‘terrible’ button got my vote. You see I had asked for political asylum due to the homicidal actions of family, neighbors, and corrupt social agencies, which over the past decade, have violated my person, my rights, and the constitution in egregious ways.

Upon learning of my mother’s irrational and pervasive attempt to destroy my life, the female immigration personnel angrily replied, “that’s what mothers do!” I was not amused nor was her berating and intimidation, an indication of competence. In fact, she decided though my ticket was for a few weeks (a rather costly venture), that I should return the very next day as the airport was abandoned with no flights out until morning. Quite an experience!  You would think it evident, the degree of atrocity, that would lead one to cross an ocean and continent to find safety elsewhere. Clearly, I had picked the wrong country!

Regarding the disturbance at home, this is a woman who had somehow been unable to get help in the parking lot of a hospital, for her husband who had slumped over the wheel, and who after being put on life support, she removed within the week. The same women who informed she thought it funny that the water came and washed her sons away, referencing my brothers who had drowned. The same woman who had orchestrated an involuntary hospitalization which the court had halted due to lack of evidence or justification. Others of the family have individuals they have tried to make insane. It’s a rather savage and pernicious practice.  The same woman who has taken into the house a youngster whose impertinence and violence, I am blamed for, and who has placed my life at great risk! Incidentally I am blamed for everything that goes wrong.  The woman is seriously disturbed. Their needs to be at least a continent between.

Now that you have retrieved your chin from the floor, it is evident that free will operates within the parameters of our values. I never thought I would ever have to consider leaving a country I admire and have lived in for most of my life, but though this is a democracy, the values of those in my immediate environs are anything but!  They might as well live in a totalitarian state for such ideals, define their behaviors.

My car had been targeted since the start of this year, culminating in it being rear-ended and disposed of, as the cost of repairs were considerably more than the value of the vehicle.  My attempts to become financially independent through the monetization of this site have met with all sorts of interceptions.  Yesterday at the store, I even had a fellow brazenly attempting to step ahead at the cash register. When I spoke up to inform that I was next, he made a scene, claiming it was not a big deal for him to go out of turn. Quite the barbarian. In the United States, choice is protected in a myriad of ways by statute, though at the individual and collective levels, it is a toss-up whether justice is served, depending on who happens to be officiating. Not all humans are human which complicates the matter of free-will.

So much so, that there is now a distressing legislative pursuit to decide who can use what bathroom. This is where an advisory panel of experts becomes critical for good decision making by the oval office. It is rather scary to think that a young female with transgendered identity might be sharing a boy’s bathroom or for that matter a public venue, with an adult male and vice versa. It manages to totally confuse the norms under the guise of sexual and gender equality and places vulnerable individuals at risk! This age group developmentally, lacks the coping skills for appropriately handling such situations. It is an affront to their sensibilities and for that matter, to us adults!

The attempt to wholly undermine mainstream genders (i.e. male and female) and give all of the permutations between, access to wherever they feel so inclined, is totally irresponsible! Could we not have a bathroom for fringe genders so as not to confuse or traumatize persons of heterosexual identity? Actually, that would not solve the problem for you would still have vulnerable individuals at risk. Perhaps using restrooms congruent with biological identity, as has been the practice, seems the least disruptive solution or you would have to create one for every variation. This is highly impractical and unnecessary since one is allowed to identify with their gender of choice regardless! Undoubtedly a case of the minority grasping the ‘norm’ by the balls! (pun intended!)  If it were justified, then surely. But the anomaly should never set the standard for the norm. This is the expression of free will being grossly misappropriated.

Which brings me to the topic of God. It appears that on this planet, whoever has managed to climb to the top of the heap, gets the title of God which is hardly synonymous with virtue, goodness or sound mind! Often violence (via deception, false promises, cronyism etc.) and corrupt practices, (bad policy and corporate bribery) are the conduit, for to admit a person with balance and healthy moral values to the ranks, would be to threaten the internal corruption, putting the power brokers out of business.  

As for those we elect to office. It seems they soon contract the germ of apathy and disillusionment resulting in extreme catatonic behaviors, delusions, and aphasia, rendering them largely useless for the needs of their constituents. It is a case of rapid social conditioning which all but emasculates the will!

There is this notion floating around in supposedly elite circles, that the concept of God embodies both light and darkness, which has been utilized to excuse the unfathomable disaster that exists on the planet. The application is acutely flawed. God is light, and darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Furthermore, for God to entertain darkness would be antithetical to his nature and existence. 

The ying and yang concept does not add up. For light cannot be dark and darkness cannot exist in the light so essentially this theory breaks down. I quite get the rationale that to know a thing, you must understand what it’s not. But there is a difference between knowing and pursuing that which is inimical to life!  The construct of god embodies all possibilities but he or she does not ACT on them! That is what makes god, God, the appropriate use of discretion!

The solution as proposed by major religions is to eliminate the nefarious or dark agencies so as to create a harmonious world. This is absolutely necessary! The concept clearly implies that good and bad are discretely different states of being, which they absolutely are, on an energetic level. The two will never coexist peacefully for they are decidedly different frequencies completely at odds. This notion of blending them, is absolutely absurd. They cannot mix without the elimination of one or the other for it is only by maintaining their essentially dichotomous selves, that they even exist. God by nature, is life affirming and would never choose to do otherwise. At least not the true god.

It appears however, that the someone who has claimed to be god here, is imperious, highly impetuous, of labile temperament, irrational, tyrannical and not at all committed to free will, so much so that one is left staring down the barrel of a gun or some other metaphorical lethality in his attempt to gain compliance with whatever irrational claim, he happens to be making at the moment.  Border patrol and others of their sort, fit the profile quite well. They operate outside of normal laws, make up their own as suits their agenda, are extremely capricious and at odds with innocent civilians!

This ‘would-be-god’ has been most hazardous to his own offspring, attempting to dominate in all sorts of ways with violence, false accusation, untold harassment, and a systematic dismantling of their lives. Independence, the most natural product of maturity, is perceived as a threat! He has consistently tried in every way to derail normal processes. His form of parenting is essentially defrauding of autonomy, confiscation or destruction of property, disposing of loved ones, and crushing the will.  Incidentally, all relationships are pursued via the same method, through violence to the psyche, physical form (rape etc.), or lifestyle, robbing of career, social supports, and physical safety!  Does any terrorist group come to mind? This totally violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as shown here: http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/ and should be apprehended immediately.

If one pursues but a cursory review of this deplorable state of affairs, it quickly becomes evident that such an entity is a fraud!  The Universe runs on nothing other than free will or we would not have this chaos to begin with. As pointed out in Heads or Tails, if we are not responsible for this immense heterogeneity, at times quite disharmonious, then god is responsible for it all!  You can’t have it both ways.

Either he is running the show, or there is in fact free will.  There has to be free will. What’s the point of choice if you are merely dealing with versions of yourself?  This would be a case of multiple personalities, one being the savior, which might explain the violence by some religions, in disposing of non-adherents, an attempt at internal cohesion! (lol) But that would be a dangerous case of lunacy which I am convinced this is!

The villain here, this imposter parading as God, has created a complete disaster! We are not the only lifeforms in the solar system. Our planet enjoys the degree of autonomy it does, despite the hiccups, because our decisions do matter. Free will must encompass all aspects of life or there is no point to life. Only if originating from our own volitions, would our choices have meaning. Otherwise, it would merely be the theatrical choreography of a deranged mind. Earth is not exactly the most idyllic outpost in the universe. Furthermore, it is a bit foolish for one who created life to make a career of destroying or micromanaging it! Imagine we are all playing out a script we did not design, riddled with all sorts of dangers and no resolution we could devise. The absurdity is beyond ridiculous. Clearly this is not the case.

So what are we going to do about it?  It really is up to us to create a world that isn’t run by despots! I would like to live without the constant bombardment of this nefarious element trying to prevent a normal life! The true god would never harm or harass his creation. It neither benefits him nor them. Furthermore, why would he ever feel threatened by them? He is after all the Creator!  The ongoing chaos generated by imposters and nonhuman entities which have been attempting a take-over for quite some time must be gotten rid of. It will take unified effort on our part, but do not underestimate the power of your influence. You are an individual satellite of systems with immense resources, which when appropriately channeled, can and will turn the tide.

Mainly, I would just like to live free of the chaos in peaceable surroundings. As an innocent civilian, there should not be this ongoing harassment or abridgement of my civil liberties. If you can assist in any way possible, please do. The situation is dire. A usable car or funds to purchase one and the means to remove myself from this environment which has become quite hazardous would be greatly appreciated. 

References: http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/

P.S. Things have changed (05/17/18) somewhat post inferno. They burned my place up, everything of value. What a nightmare! Now you understand why I sought asylum elsewhere! It's taken some time to normalize the situation though the violence continues, but I no longer live in that environment. Neverthless, if you had any doubt that we can rise above the circumstances, my book speaks for itself. Be sure to pick up a copy for a most intriguing summary of what has been occuring right under your noses and how to set things straight. It is about time!

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