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In a world that spans over 194 countries and more than 7,000 languages, according to Ethnologue.com, WORDS are obviously indispensable to human relations. Studies show we are hardwired for speech from infancy, with the brain confirming such activity in the first week of life, says Faith Brynie, Ph.D., Psychology Today, 1991-2016, Web 05 April 2016. I rather suspect if we could measure this neo-natally, we would see a flurry of activity on the other side of the veil. (LoL) Words are versatile, evocative, transformative, and the primary means by which we make connections. So, how do we typically employ these very important articles (VIA’s)?

To identify ourselves
To share love, romance and an amplitude of feelings
To observe, experience, and define sensory information
To comfort
To send messages in a variety of ways, songs being the dance of words
To gather information and hypothesize about new ideas
To document events and record our stories
To express joy
To make peace
To bless
To inspire and propel to action
To make things bloom
To make things right (Apologies – VIA’s)
To bring into focus
To understand
To inform and educate

These are but a few of the ways we use words, which seem so trivial in application yet profound in effect. We are actually the product or our thoughts or unspoken words. Thoughts are the gametes, intentions the embryo, and words.. birth events. What you speak, reflects what you believe and predicts your success or failure. Words really are the unsung heroes of every successful individual.

You notice I did not add the negative aspects of how words are used. I am sure you can think of many. But the important thing is to focus on the enlightened or prudent application of these VIA’s. It’s sort of like sprinkling seeds wherever you go. Your words have the power to create happiness, health, wealth, opportunities, bridges, allies, etc. or.. a crop of weeds. How does your garden grow? ;) Of course if you are already in a weed patch, it might be a good idea via cross pollination or transplant, to seek greener pastures. (LOL) Weeds do not magically transform to flowers over time and environment matters.

I have often heard it said, words mean little, action matters most. But action derives from beliefs, the things we tell ourselves and the things we say. Our brain dutifully agrees with our internal dialogue and sets about to create it. Now, even if our thoughts are somewhat askew, right words can greatly ameliorate the situation. So they are not to be lightly dismissed. Words are powerful things… and you, a conscious being in every aspect of self, are guided by their compass. So today, do yourself a favor and tap into the power of positive words to inform your subconscious of what you would like to achieve. It is a wonderful experience to give and receive loving, life-affirming words. Sprinkle them around generously!

Don’t forget, an important part of conversation is listening. It gives you immediate feedback on the impact of your words. Were they understood, well received, or effectively applied? We all have this incredible resource to use at will. Niceness is not a priority for some, I know (lol), and all are free to define their identities. Neither am I suggesting we grow pansies. (LoL) In fact, if your words are good but your accompanying gestures are not, your nonverbals will likely have the larger effect. But if you are planning on success, words, rightly applied with noble intentions, are indispensable!

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https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/brain-sense/201002/infant-brains-are-hardwired-language  Psychology Today, 1991-2016, Faith Brynie, Ph.D.


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