Portrait of Free Will


These sentiments come packaged with lots of love, and the hope that you will apply copious amounts of discretion.  Such were gleaned through the lens of experience and careful scrutiny of conventional paradigms. Seeds only bloom ya know, by standing their ground amidst wind and rain, human and creature encounters (lol), sun and soil, all manner of geologic deposits and atmospheric events. Life pushes through the kernel, and in successive leaps of faith, makes its grand appearance.   

Yes, living is this kaleidoscope of incremental risk and tremendous transformation.  In case you thought, yea… pampered seed, greenhouse tended, finest nutrient mix, ideal conditions…… remember, blooms do not typically disclose their path to actualization any more than butterflies tell what went on in the cocoon, (that dark night of the soul LoL) 😲Much goes on behind the scenes. LoL Family systems are notoriously flawed. (lol) Some are downright unsuitable for growing. 

But everyone arrives as cherubs, well... most everyone, (lol) with time-release valuables, potentials to decode, and a delightful, though studious practice, of developing one’s efficacy and reach!  It is a gender neutral process, an equal opportunity adventure. 😋  Sadly, some make their exit after a lifetime, with their treasures still unopened, which may be how the idea of reincarnation got started… remedial school. (LoL) I’m aiming to put an end to that. (LoL) Perhaps these observations might accelerate our bloom. 😉

Flipping coins can be hazardous. But what exactly is the other side of the coin? (lol) There are many types of currency, all based on the value of commodities and services, as determined by supply and demand of products and money. (LoL) Typically the coin shows the country it represents and the value of its denomination. These are usually in agreement (lol) though the mint may be all too happy to dispense.

The coin of which I speak however, represents the divergent, polar aspects of any subject of inquiry. This could be political, such as Democratic versus Republican, good versus evil, a belief in God versus a world without one, two sides of the proverbial coin.  Whatever your position, extremism in any society poses an existential threat. Surely we can all agree. The evidence is profuse.

It seems we live in an upside down world where good is vilified, political correctness is far more important than truth, and doing the right thing rarely reaches consensus. We have socialists for example, running for President of a Democracy! Have we lost our minds or have we adapted to chaos? LOL

Might our perceptions be revised to create a more effective paradigm?  Let’s give it a whirl.  Here’s how it breaks down from my perspective. If we have free will, then “all men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…”  Ah, yes “The Declaration of Independence … “among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It seems to me that a great many beautiful things have been built upon the foundation of free will. It is after all, what inspires us to bloom.

But if there is no free will, then there is no choice, and one’s god (or the clown running the show Lol), is the sole decision maker of who you should be, what you must do, when, how, and where, duration, and choreograpy. It is a rather costly and self-defeating management strategy, which might explain why such a one is of choleric temperament. LoL Furthermore, it seems pointless to have replicas of one’s self, which is what this would be if we have no choice, with such vast and varying disagreements amongst them, a very graphic display of cognitive dissonance! I cannot quite see the merits of such a design. (lol) Surely this god would have flunked every class on how to create happiness for himself or others. He hasn’t a clue! This only causes things to wilt. LOL Perhaps he needs remedial school while we go on vacation. LOL Heaven knows we need a permanent vacation from this.

To bring this poignant madness home with greater clarity. Let’s take a look at the game of Monopoly. You go in circles until you are either running the world ditsy, or if not, flat broke in a world of debt. Seems Pennsylvania Avenue is the IRS and Park Place, Congress. (LoL) Furthermore, it is a game of proposed gain punctuated by episodes of chance or treasure chest, either of which can wreak great havoc in an otherwise competitive orbit of material acquisition. It would be nice if you got a ‘chance’ to enjoy it! (lol) But with every circuit, there is the dreaded hazard of losing your money or your freedom, great risk and little gain. I never play the game... LoL

Now all fun and games aside, the above premise is predicated on the notion of their being a god. I tend to think there is one, but not the one with the title here. The real one is unassuming, of pleasant personality and generous disposition, who delights in seeing his creation flourish! What’s the point of dispensing all this talent if not to manage that ourselves?  Why waste all this creativity and the opportunity to be entertained? ;)  It’s sort of like making us sexual beings then telling us we can’t have sex. Another totally misguided religious notion that creates far more problems than it solves. No one ever got holier by not having sex. It actually improves your clarity and disposition! LOL

Furthermore, to get so revved up about your place in the world that you would require your adherents to take the lives of those who don’t believe, is homicidal! Nothing personal guys, but let’s think about this rationally. (LoL) He neither wants folks to be happy here, for how could you be with such violence. Nor would there be peace hereafter, since they are having fun at everyone else’s expense. It seems we have made great strides in the deification of dysfunction! The key to deciding whether a religion or ideology has value is whether or not it protects independent thought and free will. Anything less is total madness... a deranged mind creating replicas or puppets. Why waste a lifetime participating in such a charade?

Christianity has had its moments of ‘self-defense’ surely, but it was never a militant religion. Although I no longer subscribe to this ideology, it promotes great virtues. Though I think the consequences of the first couple were a bit harsh. I mean we’ve all had to pay for the ‘mistake’, and to penalize the pursuit of understanding, of curiosity, seems highly maladaptive and at odds with our nature! LOL Comments, are surely welcome! Furthermore, you know what I think about the Son being the fall guy: very, very bad idea. I think Dad was sniffing something for far too long. We have got to get this kid a better life! LoL

We just can’t act out our every impulse or write our laws to legitimize them. We will surely write the formula for our extinction! Lol That said, we have got to lighten up a bit about these things, that elicit very acute reactions… like a woman’s choice for romance and partnership, the fall-out of which is hardly gender neutral. Somehow, one is more responsible that the other. Now isn’t that a bit of brilliant deduction and the sure way to mend things?! LOL

Folks even ‘excommunicate’ others over the use of contraception, the repudiation of which undermines marital bliss and creates economic distress. Far better to have one less parishioner than far too many kids to take care of. Lol That would ruin the pedophilia vice and improprieties of all sorts, nicely cloaked beneath a starched white collar. LoL Okay, you get my point (I hope lol), there are too many incongruencies here.

If there is free will and I am sure there is, then it must be applied consistently and one which we all can enjoy.  Of course, there needs to be responsible action which derives from honoring others as we love ourselves. That might be our biggest task, to love ourselves. You see I think the answer here is not religion, but relationship. It might help to take an inventory of our beliefs to see what needs discarding. Then perhaps we could enjoy each other’s company without unreasonable expectations and just perhaps … we could know peace. Wouldn’t that be a lovely thing?! 😀


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