Can You Make The Pieces Fit?

Why do bad things happen to seriously Fantastic People?

We live in a world of diverse norms, beliefs, lifestyles, geographic dissimilitude, gender, religion, and media, which in important ways have defined us as a global community. The downside however, is that while we are more connected than ever by media and technology, we are far more disconnected by our gadget-preoccupation. Though everyone is on their cell or IPad or whatever new-fangled gizmo is on the market, there is less real communication going on. All this despite our devices regularly spanning the globe in seconds!

However tenuous our peace in recent weeks and months, this distracted psyche may have unwittingly opened a Pandora’s box, which, if we can get through the growing pains, will put us in a better place in the days ahead. Hang with me here… forever the eternal optimist, (lol) there seems to be an unprecedented opportunity for growth! Undoing the ideological constructs that have persisted for millennia, is admittedly daunting, but a rather necessary and important step if we are to find a unified way forward. 

Before going further though, let me delineate an important caveat. The dissecting of the topic under consideration “Why do bad things happen to seriously fantastic people”, will take me into the interior of various spiritual disciplines, none of which I am attempting to impugn. On the contrary, I am simply exploring the logical implications of the ideologies we have at one time or another, mistakenly endorsed.

So what with the recent club tragedy occurring in the sunshine state, and this being symptomatic of a more global dilemma, lets venture into the topic and see what might be gleaned.  Incidentally, I don’t think the problem is guns, so much as the thinking that prompts their use. Throughout my life to date, there have been a great many unanticipated exits of loved ones and associates, which have required much resilience and faith to surmount.  In fact, with so many existential threats from immediate family etc., it is truly a marvel that I have not yet joined the ranks of the departed. LOL

What would make life so precarious and are we responsible for the distressing situations we encounter? Read on. (LoL) I have for example had a major hiccup with financial institutions lately, which share certain features of personal information with affiliates when so inclined, presumably to facilitate successful transactions. In my case, a purchase was charged to the wrong account by the payment agency. The vendor cancelled the purchased product as soon as I informed of the error but the bank insisted they had the funds and refused a refund.

Then when it got all sorted out, weeks later, (with my money all tied up), this payment agency sent emails informing of their suspicion of my account being used by someone else. (That would probably be them.) LOL Now realistically, do you think that somewhere in the recesses of my subconscious, I created this scenario?! (LOL) Do you really think there is a latent script running in the underbrush, expecting trouble at every turn? Highly unlikely! Don’t believe the nonsense. Furthermore, it just so happens that this provider is the one I had listed for receipt of any contributions to my goal of procuring a vehicle and leaving this hazardous environment. Coincidence that they should now make that account inaccessible? LOL Hardly! Fam can be seriously treacherous!

In fact, I have shared with you some of the most absurd scenarios encountered, which were intended to encourage better behavior and show that life is determined not by imposed circumstance, but by our response to them. How optimistic! (lol) Evidently, these individuals are brazenly incorrigible. (LoL) But really there must be some accountability for such invasive and systemically corrupt and disturbed practices.

“We must” as Ghandi said, “be the change we wish to see in the world”!  I wrote not for the purpose of entertainment but as a CALL TO ACTION for intercepting such nefarious practices and not succumbing to the intimidation, unprofessional behavior, and hype.  Furthermore, I am seriously in need of resources and protection which my immediate environs lack! I haven’t even been able to get to the grocery store!!

So, are we the ones responsible for any and all of the truly demoralizing and distressing life events that we encounter?  I have come across some interesting explanations, all of which eagerly place blame on the shoulders of the recipient. From my perspective, this is more than a boatload of horse manure. (LoL)

Undoubtedly, there are occasions when we make mistakes (e.g. my present location), innocently heading down roads that seemed feasible only to find that they were in disrepair or no longer a through thoroughfare metaphorically speaking, or saddled with immediate roadblocks erected by others not vested in our success. Life is a trial and error enterprise, but what a preposterous design!

The notion essentially says that prior to coming to earth, we conspired to enter such circumstances as would be necessary for our soul’s growth, so even babies are responsible for rotten parents and dysfunctional homes because as spirit beings, they felt this necessary for their entertainment or enlightenment! ;) Some didn’t even make it to the birthing event and others lost their supports soon after, which led to a rather abbreviated life story. I fail to see what they could possibly learn in all of that! 

Some were born without all systems in tact or optimally equipped, which led to a seriously truncated human experience. What’s that all about?! Karma you say, but again that is a rather blame-based ideology that places a lot of stock on pre-earth operations and assumptions, none of which can be fully verified here, not without psychedelics perhaps. (LoL) I have always found reality sufficiently fascinating. No need to be under the influence of herbs or altered states except in casseroles, thank you very much! Then too, if such are the ripples of other lifetimes, rewards are evidently not doled out in a timely manner. The laws of nature operate with much more precision and probability in boomerang type events.

LOL Seriously, this involves the application of very subjective analysis that might be a tad difficult to replicate or reliably confirm. Depending on your frame of reference, such situations may even be attributed to the failing of parents, not genetically, but morally. You see how quickly this degenerates into a rather harebrained analysis of mostly conjecture which can have seriously unpleasant repercussions.

From my perspective, this notion violates the whole concept of free will. It essentially says that our rendezvous here was pre-determined and that whatever sad circumstances or challenges encountered, we designed prior to coming to earth. Talk about setting yourselves up! One could argue that such was their own choice and as such, not a violation of free will. But if as spirit beings you can see all the permutations of what your choices would entail, why on earth would you want to live out such folly? Are there not better ways to explore consciousness? Furthermore, if as some insist, enlightenment is to be gained by going within to the spirit realm, devoid of thought, then why come here in the first place. You were already there!

This notion would entail a whole lot of rigging the deal before hand and require a complex web of intrigue in which our spirit ‘friends’ are complicit. But I do not find it funny that my experience could be so immensely undermined by the goals of others in the living out of their pre-fab adventures.  It’s no surprise that this would require unlimited lifetimes to accomplish, if at all, depending on whether in any lifetime, you actually woke up to your purpose here. (LoL) I am convinced that in no lifetime have I ever experienced such mayhem, nor would I desire it, for it is all contrived, precarious and unhinged!

Nor do I intend to stay on this carousel of maddening experiences with the notion that they are designed to cull insight, resilience, and a ticket to a better afterlife!  This afterlife sounds no better than the nightmare that preceded it! LOL It is a convenient strategy however, for controlling societal relations and maintaining this idiocy generation after generation.

To complicate matters further, not only is there this overlay of spirit originated plots (according to the theory), but there is also a myriad of religious dogma that contribute greatly to impaired self-esteem or at worst self-hatred which can never lead to a unified co-existence.  What is immensely concerning is how vested one gets in these different points of view sufficiently so ‘to boldly go where no man would want to go’ with the destruction of all who disagree.

Surely that does something profound to the psyche which quickly numbs to handle the reality of such atrocities. How can you possibly love yourself as a participant of such pursuits and why would anyone ask that of you.......?  Furthermore, it becomes entirely impossible to experience loving relationships due to the constant demands of a faith that requires the ongoing obliteration of your soul. This could never lead to peace on a personal or collective level. Life is always in the offensive mode and if we are all a living breathing ecosystem, how will you survive by destroying the parts of you that are most alive?

To add insult to injury, an accompanying set of austere rules serves only to reinforce the dilemma rather than solve it, for feelings never allowed, leaves nothing but an empty shell.  Why would spirit conspire to come to this dimension, only to rob you of spirit here? That seems entirely absurd.  Furthermore, such rigid norms allow no one happiness and devolves into a lifetime of disillusionment, a sad waste of such an exquisite opportunity, that of being a loving human being.

An area of profound confusion is that surrounding gender.  In some parts of the world, the expression of femininity is almost entirely forbidden or disrespected, though communities would cease to exist without their female anchors. The more recent strides of the west in acknowledging same-gendered pairs publicly, has elicited strong sentiments and reactions, not the least of which has placed such individuals at risk. You all know my thoughts on the matter. But ultimately, I think the principle of preserving life and love should be more important than a theological dictum.

If we could simply agree to "do unto others as we would have them do unto us", wouldn’t that solve a great many things? Life would be so much simpler if instead of ideological, geographical, political, ethnicity, gender, race and birth-year distinctions, we simply treated each other with genuine positive regard and respect. Unfortunately, years of tradition have not served us well. Perhaps it is time we re-evaluated our ‘stock portfolios’ and invested in profitable and unifying gestures. It is never too late to alter one’s perspectives. It may be the best thing we ever do!

So did I answer the question?  It would seem that bad things happen to seriously fantastic individuals for a number of reasons for which they are not to blame. Some of these resulted from innocent pursuits, that led to places unintended or unimagined. Others occur, because of belief systems that do not assign equal value to all humans, and create norms legitimizing such inequities. Yet again there are religious traditions or dogma that actively discriminate against the rights of others. Yes, spirituality has offered many virtues, but the application of those has not always been with kindness or compassion. There are geologic and environmental events, acts of nature, that affect humans from time to time, none of which they planned or wished for. There are ideologies that suggest we create our own reality complete with disasters of unimaginable sorts. I entirely disagree with such notions.  We are not the epicenter of world events although we contribute collectively to its ebb and flow.

We each are the managers of our own experience but as shown in the most recent tragedies, sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time and impacted by the adverse choices of others. Holy writ also documents occasions in which the caprice of the gods yield disastrous circumstances for unwitting recipients. The upshot being that there are many reasons why things happen, many of which have nothing to do with errant actions or lack of positive thought.

But if our experience as humans does not involve the pursuit of happiness, I am not exactly sure why we are here. The highest human emotions of love, joy, peace and gratitude are most acutely felt in the social exchange of human relationships. They are the zenith of our ability to utilize information in transformative ways that inspire, protect and enlighten.

Perhaps in this lifetime, we can each know the pleasure of healthy human relationships where we are free to live and love, without reprisal for appearance, identity or beliefs. If we chose to dismount the precarious cliffs of self-importance and the impaling spires of religious dogma, setting aside traditions that have hindered human progress and failed to acknowledge their inestimable worth, perhaps we could obliterate much of these events. It is well within our capacity to do so. As Neruda reminds us, “you can cut all the flowers but spring is coming.”  Life is this unstoppable insistence of joy and wonderment, which despite its conundrums and heartache, beckons us to live. I say, lets live!

~ ASkhy,  Copyright 2016 EnlightenedSkhy - All rights reserved


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