To Be or Not to Be 


CAUTION: Read only if ready to be awakened. 

It was another beautiful day on the lush, toroidal planet. The day was awakening winsomely as it always had, but something was uncannily different. She had followed the clues on this seemingly endless mirage of pathways and had unobtrusively arrived at the shocking conclusion per Psalm 82, “Ye are gods and all of you are children of the most high”. This had been spoken centuries before by an enlightened being but what did it mean? How could we be gods, when the world was filled with such disaster and depravity? Surely these were not signs of deity.

The cherubs whispered, the flowers bloomed, the breezes refreshed, the oceans and our finned friends beckoned play, the animals frolicked with affection, the crops brought forth their abundance, the trees bedecked with fruit, the thickets and woodlands contributed their canopies, imparting tranquil spaces for thoughtful reverie. All this immersed in an atmosphere of intrigue, potent with stories of many lifetimes. What had they to tell?… All living things had colluded to support and inspire our pursuit of happiness and awakening to this terrestrial incarnation. But humans for millennia had all but forgotten or noticed the friends alongside. And for those who remembered, the goal was concealment, a dominating edge for manipulating this reality.

What if this was all a holographic experience? What if the unholy ‘creator/proxy gods’, had hijacked this idyllic environment with a sinister game? Their goal: to satiate their egoistic, debased appetites via plunder and artifice, would unfold as follows:

All would come to earth with no memory of their former lives. The goal here would be to remember their divine origin amidst the contrived atrocities employed by the villains to numb the psyche and discourage awareness. But remembering was only the prerequisite for ending the game, albeit a decidedly important step, necessary to dispose of the despots running the show. Their strategy? Wars, famines, interpersonal violence, ravages to the environment, economic roulette (more a game of nepotism), installation of governmental leaders, control of all societal systems including education, resources, justice etc. with the goal of suppressing and demonizing all dissension.

So religions were born of appeasement, and countries emerged from conquest, and norms and cultures created to conceal all things true. It was a game of hide and seek, with little fear of exposure or reprisal given all the disinformation, intimidation and threat. How many lifetimes and how many lives lost before we would awaken? A seemingly innocuous legislation by our current President, not yet passed in the Senate, H.R. 1599, The Dark Act (Denying Americans the Right to Know) allows “natural” claims for genetically engineered (GE) foods and prevents states from requiring GMO labeling. Sneaky business and a rotten deal but this had been going on for millennia.

The difference was, she was now wide awake and had endeavored to inspire corrective action! How she had managed to stay alive despite the many attempts to destroy her, to prevent a livelihood, deny her social supports, and portray her as the villain, was nothing short of divine intervention and the protection of friends. Truth was not welcome in these parts.

Secret societies had proliferated through time all with the goal of concealment. The more modern application had sprouted the “politically correct” movement which conditioned societal compliance in suppressing the facts. On some University campuses, there were now designated areas for free speech, to curtail and alter the norm of openness and candor in any and all environments. Additionally, the Psychological community (APA) had colluded to normalize illness and pathologize normality which greatly expanded their control and ‘mislabeled’ patrons. Pharma then got their cut of the action, likewise creating customers not cures. By design, this was intended to be a ‘dumbed down’ society with capsules readily dispensed for sedating the thinking and facilitating compliance. Those which enlightened were forbidden and users brazenly harassed while egregious crimes were winked at. Justice for criminals? Ah yes, the criminal justice system. If you were one of the ‘bad boys club’, leniency was freely given and whistle blowers denounced. Incidentally, psychological wellness is determined by the absence of secrets. Clearly this was not a well society. 

Let’s take a look at some innocent minds who were assailed by the ‘elite’ sociopaths, for daring to think differently. This had been an age old problem. The proverbial garden was the crime scene for simply listening to another point of view, and daring to test its assumptions, (i.e. eat the fruit) and we have since dealt with the continuing emotional assault leveled at those audacious enough to think for themselves. How dare you not accept the false mainstream thinking, profusely disseminated via media, schools, churches, governments, ‘corporatocracies’, space programs, etc. It had been a systemic and shameless attempt via clandestine operations, to normalize a false reality, and marginalize any who dared expose the stratagem. In fact the biblical story of absolution, glamorized the harming of the innocent rather than the guilty.

After all, this had been highly profitable. If there was never the alleged extraplanetary trips, they would have pocketed quite a chunk of change for the space program. Furthermore, as seen with the banking cartel, now completely dismantled, war had been used for millenia to pad their purses, diminish the population, and keep us in perpetual chaos and economic depravity. Not to mention egregious legislative violations of privacy and self-determination to legitimize their crimes. It had been quite a ‘joy ride’ with us the unwilling recipients of enormous peril, mayhem and incredible carnage.

This got even messier with migrations due to the atrocities, with some imposing beliefs and customs on their gracious hosts. Religion had unwittingly served to categorize and polarize communities, and used by governments for stratification and genocide, the most peaceful being targeted and the violent overlooked. Furthermore, it had been an institution that frowned on independent thinking, a necessary ingredient for any thriving society. It presupposed omniscience regarding god’s will for any and all. (How convenient! LoL) though throwing out the moneychangers (i.e. clergy) debunks this misguided notion. One look at the digestive system gives a solution. We send many things down the esophageal slide daily which are all evaluated for nutrient content. What is useful is extracted, the rest is waved on through. ;) It takes diversity to nourish our being, no fuss so long as we put good things in! Otherwise the body stridently protests their discontent and rightly so. Wisely, the adjacent systems are supportive, as they well know that all benefit when problems are addressed. 

Society is comprised of disparate elements, all serving different and important functions. The goal is to decide which ones are worth keeping and which should be discarded. In this case, an entire overhaul is of the utmost urgency, for the system is by design, adversarial to wellbeing. Perhaps the greatest insult, is to then be saddled with an onerous debt-ridden political system, and resulting lifestyle etc. that was never our creation! Sure we complied under duress and through participation, maintained this diabolical nightmare but we did not know the corrupt machinations, we were being used to sustain.

In a parallel venue, the dictates of ecclesiastical ideology had created inequities of gender, facilitated unequal pay and representation, and posited that prosperity is a counterfeit gospel, all the while making themselves comfortable from the plundering of parishioners. The Enlightenment was a reaction to liturgical control which attempted to invade every facet of life including the decision of who gained immortality or sainthood. Theirs would have been models of poverty for the populace should never get the idea that prosperity was their birthright. Furthermore all should be thoroughly and frequently reminded that they don’t measure up and need a savior. Quite a cleverly concocted story to maintain control, support their excesses, the details of which are mind boggling! Not to mention their profligate recreational pursuits involving minors and adults.

Dress for example, is a rather provocative issue, with some covering a gender from head to sole, while the other gender works to eliminate dissenters. It is a frightful dilemma and one which could easily be resolved by revised dogma and rational thought. Perhaps an apt metaphor for the decided attempt to keep humans in the dark, seeing only through veils. Nothing in nature is denied it’s right to self expression and all are beautifully attired. Faces must be seen. Admittedly, we are quite often ethnocentric, but perhaps we could learn a bit from each other. The business of “honor killings’ for example is an oxymoron. How could it ever be honorable to kill another because you disapproved of their romance?! This murderous course of action is abominable and flies in the face of piety. Of course religion was simply a means of control, intended to create dependence.

Our air, food, and water have been consistently altered. Vaccines have been laced with toxins, inventions which would have greatly enhanced our quality of life, hidden, and ET’s instrumental in maintaining this state of affairs, not discussed. Disclosure is imperative to destroy their control. Interestingly, there has been a decided attempt to de-weaponize the populace. I wonder why… We have been defrauded in ways unimaginable!

On a positive note, corrections are currently taking place, the constitution is being restored to prominence, the banking cartel entirely dismantled, and the governance of our country removed from the hands of such as have tyrannized and plundered our talents and means, undermining the goals of democracy while maintaining the charade of political representation.

It is a new day filled with hope and the remaking of our world as it was designed to be. Of course you won’t hear about that on the news. Their role has been to keep you distracted. But we live in a time of expanded consciousness and the exciting beginnings of ascension. We were told, “the kingdom of God is within you”. It has always been… though we were taught this was a distant reality and place. The key to heaven was truly the most delightful task, to love ourselves well. Only then could you raise the energies of earth to realign with the divine and take back possession of our world. This is occurring. What we have worked for, is now in view and rapidly unfolding. The veil has been lifted and all are remembering their divine origins and the purpose for which we came. Restoring our world has been years in the making, but awakened ones are experiencing upgrades daily. Harmony is on the horizon.

So are we gods? We are certainly divine in origin and not contained by space, persons or dogma. It is for us to live as gods which will take a great deal of self awareness, forgiveness and autonomy... certainly not an ego trip. Through mind games, they attempted to make you believe you were mere mortals, prone only to err, so as to defraud you of personal power. Unfortunately some got all too comfortable with erring. (LoL) But such is not the disposition of deity.

You see a handful of scheming beings decided to fleece earth, totally cloaking their deceitful and nefarious actions under the guise of legitimacy. Incredibly, they were willing to create war, rob of intellectual property, inventions, minerals, and genetic samples for use in their diabolical schemes, perpetrating emotional violence through media propaganda, and entirely devastating the economy. All the while, telling us there were no cures, specimens were needed for research and the betterment of mankind, economic tsunamis were normal you know - the boom and bust cycle, and war... well we just had to protect the vulnerable from terrorists. Though right under our noses, our own freedoms were being surreptitiously removed so we would be defenseless! What a game!

It seems the horrific experience of living this nightmare and the enumerable hours of trying to make sense of it all, have paid off. No longer can this psychopathic scheme continue. Perhaps they had convinced themselves they were gods, (lol) since managing via sworn secrecy to keep this ruse going for millenia. But no self-respecting deity would behave this way! The human cost in lives is immense not to mention the emotional toll, and ravages to the planet. Time to dispose of the villains and take back our lives. What a time to be alive and what a hoax we have blown open. Here’s to the making of a bright new world. Yes, our lineage is of divine origin and as gods, we will reclaim our world.

~ Andrea Skhy

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