God's Folly & The American Dream

A fascinating journey from Eden to the New World, examining ideas we thought bullet-proof, dismantling notions of many lifetimes. Here's your chance to create a free and unified world through informed and expedient action. Don't miss out!


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Does your country match your Democracy ?


It’s been an eventful season, what with the acrimonious GOP debates, DNC leaks and unexpected turns in the public sphere. When has a presidential election generated such angst? Perhaps our 2016 fervor is understandable given justifiable foreboding regarding future leadership and present geopolitical turmoil. Not to mention the atmospheric cholerics of climate, magnetic and jet stream anomalies, possible encounters of the asteroid kind, and rising sea levels. It’s enough to give anyone a no-frizz stand-up hairdo.

Perhaps the upside of being in the light, is that it brings all sorts of data into view. Seems we signed up when the gametes got together and decided to multiply. ;) Only you say, I didn’t make that decision. Quite right! It was pursued with hopefully delightful consensus which landed one smack dab in the middle of all this. Truly I sympathize…. (lol) What’s worse is we all got different memo’s. But the thing we share in common is the remarkable journey here. I mean we were climbing mountains in utero. Seriously guys, according to Christof Koch, When does consciousness arise in Human Babies. the oxygen levels in utero are akin to that atop Mt. Everest and the resulting spike of norepinephine at birth, equal to that of skydiving. What a rush! I’d say we’re are up to the task.

The cocooned phase is over. Your time in utero lasted a mere blink compared to one’s lifespan. We get to spend our whole lives practically, in the light. If you’re like me however, waking up from the fantastic collaboration of pre-birth operations, did not occur at birth. It came after, many years after. (lol) But as now critically understood, is absolutely necessary for the next phase of human existence. So forgive me if you’re not awake, you will need to be ASAP.

The notion that our thoughts are mirrored in the physical domain is actually a testable phenomenon which can be confirmed with careful observation. I am beginning to wonder if the reversal of our magnetic poles might be correlated with our loss of reasonable values, resulting in an upside down affair. Something to think about… As if that wasn’t telling enough, earth’s magnetic field serves the important function of protecting from cosmic radiation and electrically charged particles brought by solar winds. Our magnetic shield may not be obvious but is crucial to our existence, which is doubly true for our values! ;) Are we throwing away our shield? 

Furthermore it is produced by the swirling liquid iron in our outer core according to the watchers.adorraeli.com which may correspond metaphorically with the shifting fulcrum of our societal norms. Is the planet mirroring our reckless departure from convention and good sense? 

It is comforting to note as the Maharishi Effect demonstrates, that unified thought can make monumental and palpable differences, in reducing crime and creating peace, so perhaps some of the dangers lurking on the horizon might be averted? It is up to us to do so. We don’t have to know each other to make thoughts of peace a dominant theme. But peace won’t be achieved with the exaggerated inequities that currently exist. We will need to correct them! 

Things must change. For one thing we need a middle class! Our President makes $400,000.00 per year plus an expense, travel and entertainment budget, and I have yet to make a few dollars, all after eight years of this presidency. (LoL) There has to be a way to break the impasse. The poverty line isn’t even on the horizon from this place of gross disparity. A return commensurate in type($$) to effort, product and relevance is expected. This is the America I am voting for. Incidentally, voting is another type of currency. Unless we elect officials representative of our ideals, and a President congruent in ideology with our Constitution, be prepared to lose the America for which many have given their lives.

You would be surprised at just how important this match is! It would be like saying, you like pie and I like cookies so I will elect you as president of the Girl Scouts expecting that you will honor our goal of selling cookies. To think that after a batch, you will regularly eat cookies in support of company objectives instead of pie, is a long shot, pie in the sky. (LOL) We tend to revert to our comfort palette.

Now in the case of protecting our country’s interests, if one’s intellectual loyalties are not aligned with our constitutional values, you will soon find new policies eroding all you ever believed it. One’s actions will always be congruent with their beliefs. Anyone noticed the erosions? 

As to the type of ideology that could compromise a system of government solidly based on the people’s voice, vision, vicinity, vocation, vendors, vessels, and victories, here are a few, some of which seem harmless but are not at all what you think. See if you can match them correctly.


a. Democracy

1. Rule by one person or group that often claims to be leaders of a democracy (LOL) but regulates every aspect of public and private behavior

b. Fascism

2. Rule by communist party who controls economy and distribution of resources

c. Communism

3. Government elected officials make all decisions despite citizens being able to vote.

d. Democratic Republic

4.Planning, producing and distribution of public goods owned by a central government

e. Totalitarian Democracy

5. Rule by the wealthy or power produced by wealth.

f. Socialist Republic

6. Rule by the people often through representatives. People enjoy freedom. See Democracy & Transcendence

g. Plutocracy

7. Neither democratic, nor a republic, usually a dictatorship, such as with a communist party

h. Socialism

8. Rule by a totalitarian and corporatist government. Nation comes before the individual.

i. Dictatorship

9. A government where people are equal but not free. Capital is owned by the commune and production is undertaken for use rather than profit.

j. Oligarchy

10. Private ownership of trade and industry run by others for profit rather than the state. Regulated by competitive markets, supply and demand etc.

k. Capitalism (not a government)

11. Rule by a small elite group

Key: A6, B8, C9, D7, E3, F2, G5, H4 I-1, J11, K10

As you can see, titles can be misleading so it is really important to be informed. We are a Democracy, which for me is non-negotiable, as it offers the broadest representation of citizens’ interests and the freedom to live, love and explore spirituality as one chooses, in ways that do no harm. A mixed capitalist economy of regulated markets offers the greatest opportunity for personal economic growth and stability.

Over the recent decade however, there has been a definite push to create a unified “we are one” global persona. While this seems charmingly inclusive, the notion of a world beyond borders, it can only be accomplished through the dismantling of our unique ideology and norms, which concerns me. It would seem on the surface to unite, but implied are the erosion of many freedoms which we now enjoy.

Unless we are careful to insist on their preservation, our Amendments, freedom of religion, press, speech, assembly, to be free from unreasonable searches, the right to vote, limitation of Presidential term of office, etc., seem imperiled as we speak. The goal appears to be a one-world totalitarian state, which unless we speak up is rolling into view. Together we are many, a veritable dynamo of strength, remember that. Much has been done to date, in destroying the cartel of the Central Banks for example, but our task is not complete.

We are at the most opportune time in history to take our world back. Don’t miss the opportunity. Your every thought, voice, and action matters. My warmest wishes to you as we chart the course ahead for our world moving forward.

~ Andrea Skhy






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