Oct. 14, 2016


Setting Things Right Side Up

Now that we have awakened the cognition of our divinity, has this opened new doors for you perceptually? You see most our lives, we were taught to listen to those older, supposedly wiser and more capable, following external mandates and honoring expectations, which quite often clashed with our own desires and preferences. Some parents refused to fund the education of youngsters unless they approved their field of study. Others chose for you, which often led to chapters of great dismay and befuddlement. The rationale being, they knew best what could provide a good life, so you did well to listen. Never mind the goal of parenting, to help you discover your strengths, and apply those to purposeful careers.

For how do you tell a daffodil to become a tulip, or a periwinkle, a rose? Any botanist will tell you this is not a linear path and quite counterproductive. Furthermore, there is this notion of polar opposites, the yin and yang, posited as the dual sides of the proverbial coin, which some have applied to the parent-child dyad. One is good and the other bad (light and darkness) which invariably has been manipulated to portray parents as good and children as bad. This has been the basis of untold indiscretions by parents, with children being harmed in horrendous ways. Not the least of which is attempting to keep them children their entire lives! Utter nonsense and quite maladaptive. (See Make a wish) How could society ever exit this quagmire?!

With parents at the helm, insisting on this diabolical charade, what were the perils? Their ‘basement’ schemes, out of sight out of mind, might include portraying you as unwell, preventing any sort of appreciable life, denying love, supports, income, recognition, a safe home, normal social networks and the most basic essentials for well-being. A tragic situation! For while you are frenziedly trying to get help, they, at the apex of control, erect barriers of unimaginable sorts, seemingly devoid of conscience, reason, or remorse.

The psychological warfare is ruthless, not to mention problems with banking, transportation, and employment. Welcome to my life. That is precisely what has gone on for well over a decade, since dad’s demise, excepting that it is even more nefarious. For to carry out this violence on humanity at large, they have only to make you the mascot, which if they succeed in squashing, would thereby place society at the mercy of their reckless, devious aims.

Well the tables have turned and we are coming up for air. :) Let’s take a look at the present situation which needs to be remedied A.S.A.P.  Profanity is now used with impunity by ‘dignitaries’ and political candidates in the vicious repartee of soundbites and public dialogue. Our democracy, a beacon of freedom for all people, now treats its own citizens as terrorists. The media is more preoccupied with sensationalism/ratings than the sanctity of life, schools are used to discourage critical thinking and create cookie-cutter graduates, marriage and norms for privacy and gender, have encountered disturbed legislation, our global venue for free speech, the Internet, has been transferred to ICANN, countries overtly hostile to the United States have been paid off by our own President, human rights abuses are atrocious, law enforcement a threat to us, expansion of the security state created by 9/11 a government assault, war pursued by Obama without congressional consent, nuclear atomic expansion ongoing, treaties of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) implemented to reduce regulatory barriers and protect corporations and banks from prosecution, Jerusalem declared Moslem by the UN, specifically the Temple Mount and the Western Wall (initial vote not ratified but clearly sanity in question), Amendments violated in egregious ways, (read important references attached), with the Obama administration becoming a threat to our freedoms rather than the Protector of the American people.

Clearly norms, history and rules of the game were being changed by the decision makers to destabilize our moorings and safeguard their controlling agenda. Life, just in my lifetime (!) had become a rather bleak prospect. As pointed out in “The Ascension Mysteries” by David Wilcock, “everyone was now living in a box. You would get in a box and drive to another box where you worked in a box, then drove back to the former box, turned on another box for entertainment, ate out of a box, disposed of the remains in a box and slept in a box. The end of life would be to sleep indefinitely in yet another box!”

Humans hadn’t been allowed to grow for a v-e-r-y long time. The effect of terrorism is the arresting of growth and at times the emergence of ‘learned helplessness’ meaning we quit trying because it doesn’t seem to matter. That is precisely the effect they would like to achieve. But we can and do make a difference! We had made huge strides in stepping out of the box with the end of segregation, the inclusion of women in the workplace, voting rights for all US citizens, equal access to public accommodations, end of the cold war, increased access to higher education, expansion of home ownership, reduction in crime, increased transparency of government, to name but a few, but it seems in the last decade, there have been sustained attempts to reverse this trend and curtail our freedoms, with a welfare state and one world government the end-game agenda.

This I’m afraid is unacceptable, as our collective consciousness will no longer accept such indignities. Lets take a quick look at some of the remarkable accomplishments of the last century per cjonline.com and what has become of them over the years. 😋

  • 1904 – Consumer banking introduced. What a wild ride that turned out to be.

  • 1907 - Plastics invented with fantastic product menus. Oceans are now littered from our careless disposal. Have we become disposable too? 😥 Don’t litter!

  • 1915 - Invention of the Telephone - an invaluable communication device for modern life. Since adapted to trace conversations and ‘virtual’ activities w/o your consent.

  • 1920 - Leisure time now possible. The middle class could take vacations and enjoy their means. Big Brother has since attempted to do away with the middle class.

  • 1920 - Teen culture emerges as youngsters sought independence as maturing young adults. Law enforcement criminalizes normal development and behaviors.

  • 1920 - Females now had the right to vote. Emergence of a more egalitarian political system with a female presidential candidate currently in the race. Progress!

  • 1928 - Development of antibiotics and penicillin greatly instrumental in restoring health. Big pharma now big business. Cures no longer a priority.

  • 1926 - Television brought us to places unforeseen, albeit while sedating the mind. (LoL) It's called programming for a reason. Besides Smart TV’s can now watch you. 

  • 1938 – The Minimum Wage Act passed - good decision, but now lagging way behind inflation!

  • 1946 - Computers arrived on the scene. Since adapted to portable devices. A gadget society, anyone noticed the real world lately? 

  • 1947 - Education for the masses via the GI bill. An educated society improves social outcomes, life expectancy and civic participation. A much needed priority!

  • 1947 - Credit cards, a gateway to prosperity, have become a debt-laden convenience.

  • 1953 - The sexual revolution - a formidable step in our emotional growth. The pendulum has since swung alarmingly to a plethora of aberrations.

  • 1964 - The Civil Rights movement via organized protests, dramatically improved societal norms surrounding segregation and prejudice. Much work to be done here.

  • 1972 - Investigative Journalism launched with Watergate. Needs objective coverage protecting the public’s interest without governmental interference.

  • 1991 - The Internet developed by the US, with protections of Free Speech for a global audience, moved to the oversight of ICANN, 2016. 👎(Huge sigh)

We were making great progress… despite resistance. Time to get things back on track.  It will take more than rhetoric folks. I have endeavored to inform so as to inspire and mobilize collective action. Pakistan is to be commended for their recent legislation making honor killings and rape a crime. The Tienanmen Square student protest for political reform was not without its causalities but left a profound image of bold resistance. In 1989 the Berlin Wall which had separated east and west Germany for three decades was taken down by its citizens, a fitting dismantling to the end of the cold war. We must take action!

What is at stake is a future in which we live free or one dictated to us where our talents and means are plundered. Time is of the essence and this is our one chance to fully extricate ourselves from their parasitic control. Power is never relinquished through reason. One has to refuse participation in their ungodly schemes, (e.g. don’t pay your taxes, fines, fees etc.) put them out of office, and establish a system that honors our persons, property and ideals.

Incidentally, voting affirms your need of trustees to manage your affairs so apparently that is not a good thing contrary to former opinion, and in case you hadn’t noticed, the political scene has become quite a circus. The cabal needs to be destroyed and constitutionally acceptable replacements elected. But all must speak up unanimously. You see silence is taken as implied or tacit consent allowing continuance of this abominable charade per geopolitics.com. The tyranny is maintained via deception and ignorance. We must awaken and reclaim our lives: body, mind and soul. 

Our government has not only been deceiving us but robbing us our entire lives! They are guilty of fraud and non-disclosure for which all must be compensated. At birth your parents declared you incompetent and acquired a birth certificate with no definitive declaration of whether a live or dead birth. The government unscrupulously presumed you dead and ‘lost at sea’, illegally categorizing you as an enemy of the state. then trading your estate since the time of your birth! Your parents, trustees of your estate until adulthood, never told you of your means. Some have in fact worked perniciously to keep you uninformed and dependent, which explains the nightmare I have been living! Undoubtedly there are others who had no awareness. But clearly there is no justice in the Justice System as the government have been the biggest criminals of all, treating citizens as 'incompetent' wards and an ‘indentured’ work force.

You do realize that keeping you a child, means your parents are the decisionmakers and the government continues to trade your estate for profit. If your parents are the government, then you can see why the desperate attempt to keep you children in perpetuity. Everyone's making money but you! Absolutely horrendous crime!  I have yet to make an income from this website or any other of the many online ventures  I have pursued and you all know how much time, effort and intellectual property I have vested in that endeavor!  Furthermore, the vandalism to my car has made mobility an issue, a necessary part of generating an income.  You see the perils of not being aware?... It is time to awaken!

This is an outrage, the public trading of humans for profit! The sacrificing of this generation is villainous, scandalous, abhorrent, and will not be allowed! Heaven will arrive when our decided and unified actions make it so, the alternative, the New World Order (NWO) of domination and tyranny. We can end this and we must! It turns out according to Michael Talbot, the universe may well be a holographic design which means that the pattern in it’s entirety is represented by its constituent parts. In other words, each person carries the design of the cosmos within his being, every leaf, every pebble, a dynamic interconnectedness that communicates with the whole.

Remarkably, even atoms function with cognition as though they too were alive! Yes it is one indivisible stream of consciousness which if fragmented could lead to our demise. There is a place for classification. It helps us to understand the function and role of things. But the stratification of society has unfortunately been used to fragment us, to divide us, to make some seem important and others not. None of this is true. It is time to come together, to transcend our nationality, religion, mythology, economy, geography, gender, ethnicity, etc., and unite against the cabal. They must be deposed! The future is ours for the taking.

~ Andrea Skhy

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