Anthem of Innocence: Towers Then & Now

Perhaps a full page Ad is needed to get folks to this site (sponsors are entirely welcome!) but trusting you will spread the word. I am writing in haste due to the urgency of the situation. On the one hand this has been so emotionally disturbing, it has been difficult to muster my literary skills. On the other hand, time is of the essence so as always, I do the impossible. 😎

Thank you to all my friends whom though we have yet to meet, have sprinkled the ether with loving thoughts and kindnesses, and to all you heroic individuals who have shared your knowledge, making inroads into the collective consciousness, and bringing us into the light, you are loved. You do understand that what I write is not merely about things found in books, but the synthesis of personal experience and the unveiling of inspired truths, essential to the viability of our freedoms, existence, and way of life.

There is a curious story found in the book of Genesis 11: 1-9, that recounts the apocalypse of our predecessors. It is the story of the survivors of the great flood: Noah and company, who lived to tell the tale. After an incredibly wild ride for months and months of mayhem, against all odds, they prevailed… the elements calmed, and a rainbow welcomed their arrival. (Its meaning was different back then. lol) Interestingly, all were paired with their heterogeneous partners from folks on down to butterflies. But that is not the focal point of this article, 😉 however valuable the proclivity of humor in the midst of dismay. 

The point I wish to make is that of their unified effort in designing and building a city in the land of Shinar. This was the first superstructure or highrise, reaching into the heavens, with the goal of firmly establishing themselves as a geopolitical entity. They were all of one mind, purpose, and speech, which lended great impetus to their efforts. But alas, God was none too pleased with the project and you know the story. All were scattered via the confounding of communications.

No natural disaster, no war, no disagreement amongst the community, simply the confusion of cognition, shut down the completion of the project. It seems ‘deity’ felt they were unstoppable were they to continue in unified fashion. Though apparently he has since relented, as the earth is now populated with megalithic structures and ‘architectural wonders’ erected by visionary avant-garde societies. (I do have my doubts about the legitimacy of this ‘deity’ as you well know, but that’s another story 🤪).

Clearly he saw their collaborative efforts as an invincible precursor to many successes. It is a lesson we most need now. There is immense strength in unified action! But why would that be a threat? Lack of control perhaps??? H-E-L-L-O-O... Given the untapped and unlimited potential of human beings to sculpt their world and reality, this could become the envisioned utopia. But conversely, under the direction of wrong leadership, there is no telling how onerous things could get, as is currently the case. Is there another threat reaching far into the heavens, which could destroy life as we know it for this generation and beyond? There is in fact now, just such peril, stupendous, but out of sight.

It turns out, this is similar to ‘money magic’ whereas the bankster cabal created money out of thin air and then charged you for loans, interest, and transactions, this notion of creating something out of nothing is done with consciousness, the biggest heist of all time! The loot? Minds of all sentient beings globally, the goal being the same, to control you, and rob of sovereignty. These ‘overlords’ (lol) as they would like to be perceived, tend to recycle ideas into current instruments of application. For the sake of protecting others, brevity will be applied and the situation outlined as succinctly as possible.

What is disconcerting regarding my own safety, is that although I have never held a political position, I am at times viewed as a political figure/candidate. Here’s trusting my readers will not confuse me with anyone in the public arena of geopolitics, but simply a concerned citizen who has put up with an enormous amount of illegal crap and assaults to my civil liberties, albeit in the world’s largest democracy!

Before dispensing with the details, please try to assimilate this information with a calm mind. The disclosures will no doubt make you quite angry and understandably so, but what is of utmost importance, is that we keep our wits about us and pursue rational, corrective action like petitions, demonstrations, protests, songs, concerts, art, congressional speeches, etc. (lol) Before getting to the dilemma however, you’ll need to understand some pertinent processes.

The body is essentially an electromagnetic system which is acutely responsive to shifts in frequency. From the ancients of the far east, as told by Deepak Chopra, the ‘you’ we think of as ourselves is not contained in the brain or for that matter anywhere in the body. Consciousness resides in the non-local field of energies swirling about us. From this milieu of all knowledge, we extract information. But all that we perceive with our sensory faculties, is considered an illusion and merely the projection of Prime Creator at play. LoL (I’d like to have more than a few words with him!) On a regular basis he expresses much disorder and bad behavior through beings of varied forms, which is not the least bit funny. The theory being, we are all aspects of Prime Creator.

Vision and memory are notable examples of consciousness residing elsewhere. You do not see based on images projected on your retina, (so there is none without sight!) and memory appears diffuse, not represented by any particular aspect of the brain, according to Michael Talbot. To access this unified field (akashic record) of information directly, one must quiet the mind and go beyond thought, a rather counter intuitive process - transcending thought to get to knowing, a bit paradoxical as knowing can only be understood through thought. LoL But this accessing of consciousness operates at certain frequencies, so if one were to have the ability to manipulate frequency, they could presumably regulate thought, awareness and behavior. Enter the amusing game of puppets for the demented overlords! Are you getting the picture?

It turns out the Military Industrial Complex have been engaged in numerous secretive ‘black projects’ for many years, of which this may be the definitive ‘brain child’ (no pun intended). Their funding, allocated from the national budget, has been dispensed without disclosure of actual operations, excepting on a “need to know” basis, excluding most everyone including even the head of the Pentagon. Bypassing the checks and balances, which our Constitution wrote into procedural mandates to protect our freedoms, ahem!!! and compartmentalizing the process so that individuals worked on separate aspects never knowing how they were related, they managed to create the technology to regulate consciousness. To add insult to injury, we were being billed for it all!

This has been used in somewhat Orwellian fashion via television for example, to invade thought and control or harass the viewing audience. What is alarming is that the government now seeks to do so on a much broader scale via our atmosphere, which, well… encompasses everyone! Whoever controls thought, ultimately controls the distribution of wealth and the destiny of all… as astutely pointed out by This atmospheric manipulation, insidiously involves, seeking to prevent our ascension to the higher frequencies for which we were designed, creating a mechanized world for their sick, debased agendas.

Family have been doing this for some time… screwing one over and then sending you the bill. Incidentally, no consent was ever gotten from the public for invading our atmosphere or attempting to install this frequency fence which is reprehensible, the invasion of surveillance at the cellular level.

This works via nanobots, microscopic particulates of heavy metals and microprocessors dispersed atmospherically, which when inhaled, enter the bloodstream and brain, and are then regulated remotely via the manipulation of frequencies. These incidentally are injurious to DNA, symptoms including emotional disturbances, hallucinations, nausea, unconsciousness, destruction of cellular membranes, leading even to one’s demise.

So not only have chemtrails, weather, and other forms of geo-engineering, vaccines, water, food, and other delivery systems such as television, phones, microwaves etc. been utilized nefariously, now it’s the unbridled war on consciousness from the location of the plasma-sphere. Nothing like “the foxes guarding the henhouse!” 😲 as Paul Levy notes. It is more deplorable than I could ever have imagined… vibrational fences and frequency grids to create amnesia of our true selves and purpose, and keep one in perpetual torpor.

Grown ups were supposed to be models of good behavior. So much for that delusion! (lol) More like control freaks! A space fence which on the face of things seems beneficial for shielding from space debris, but cloaking the sinister agenda of a takeover and planetary shut down. This has not yet been accomplished but all systems are working to that end, especially now with legal actions by individuals and countries implemented against the cabal. Total dominance is the desperate pursuit. Unfortunately, as shared in Winning the Game, our government has not been our greatest ally, so it is up to us to shut down their nefarious systems of atmospheric control and rid ourselves fully of this menace. The government is elected to represent us, not destroy us!

This requires removing entities who have used frequency fences to cloak their visibility and agenda, otherwise known as fallen beings, whom Talbot would like us to think are figments of our imagination. Ha! So all of the close and actual encounters were just dreamed up! Incredible!! Don’t believe everything you read. (lol) We are at the most critical juncture historically in the course of human events. We have the knowledge and the numbers to dispose of the proxy gods and overlords, who have kept this planet in perpetual slumber and assaulted our psyches for millenia.

Some have even been contemptuous enough to suggest we chose this, although none knew of their despicable agenda! I can’t quite fathom why anyone beyond the veil would agree to incarnate for this, or why the bad guys would choose to play that role, since they still have to face the consequences! (lol) It is time to awaken and take our lives, our planet and our sovereignty back! Ultimately with decided action, this malfeasance can be entirely undone, for the original settings of our DNA are stored within our biology. To activate, we need only change the frequencies and align our thoughts collectively with love, the stuff of which we’re made. 😀 Then comes the important task of rebuilding our country and our world.

As for the ‘madmen’ at the top, the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment have petitioned the United Nations for cessation of any and all covert arsenal against humanity, particularly that of mind control. The ultimate agenda as mentioned in Get Onboard Now, is the New World Order (NWO). As with the biblical tower, it was dismantled without a shot being fired. This fence has been illegally erected without our knowledge or consent and has aimed to do harm to our global population, as may have been foreseen by President Eisenhower in 1961 per

We are in a most critical window of time and this must be immediately abandoned. As with most any resource, the nature of it’s application can be life affirming or deleterious. Appropriate management is vital to ensure it’s proper use. It is not enough to live free. We are divine beings who came here to experience the creative possibilities of consciousness. We will accept nothing less than the freedom to do so, without the manipulation of thought, and behavior. We are singularly endowed with free will but what good is that if we are mere puppets of another’s programming. Wake up, wake up. We will stand together and reclaim our destiny. We are here for such a time as this!

Our sovereignty will not be sacrificed on the altars of technological miscreants. It is significant to note that sacrifices required pure and innocent beings. I am not sure who came up with that ludicrous idea. (lol) A bit barbaric don't you think? Surely we can find better things to do with innocence than destroy it! How could you possibly hope to gain anything good by such misdeeds?! Okay, I know, redemption is the notion peddled for millenia but that presupposes a Savior whom I have yet to meet. It seems to me we are all capable of redeeming ourselves from this situation. This will involve judicatures to apprehend the injustices foisted upon the American people via the impeachable offences of Presidential betrayal, exploitation of American trust, scandalous disregard of our Constitution, and replacing governance of the people via a participatory democracy with unrepresentative corporate institutions. It is imperative that we take action A.S.A.P. if we would rescue our futures and wrest it from the hands of truly dark beings!

Progress has been enormous and is occurring exponentially amongst those who are awake. It might seem like business as usual but much is occurring behind the scenes. More importantly, your destiny, the collective destiny... will be shaped by the decisions we make today. Don’t miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to leave the lowlands and take your sovereign place!

~ Andrea Skhy

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.  


REFERENCES & Recommended Reading

Genesis 11: 1-9/ 9:13-16 (Most any version ;)

Breaking Free from Limited Thinking, Deepak Chopra, Youtube - The idea

The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot,1991 – (Book)

Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama's Impeachment - Andrew C. McCarthy, 2014 - (Book) Really important read! 



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