Mar. 25, 2017


Give Peace a Chance

Okay folks, what I have to say now is very important, so get yourself a glass of jamba juice or whatever tantalizes your taste buds, have a good stretch, and find yourself a comfortable chair. The topic may seem disarmingly simple, but its implications are huge. You have been hearing a lot of talk lately about the concept of ‘Oneness’. In fact, in my reading, extra-terrestrials, intelligent beings from places beyond earth, (and yes they are here, you believe in angels, though these do not fit that category necessarily lol), have purportedly said, that the multiplicity of lifeforms that exist, some seen and others not, are all a part of the same fabric, filigree, and foliage of life, manifested by Source. If we start shearing leaves, we will eventually loose the ornamental shrub. (lol) In my experience, when you prune a plant, it grows healthier, bigger, and stronger, so I am not sure about the logic here, (lol) but keeping an open mind… there may be a golden nugget somewhere. 😉

A note here about extra-terrestrials. Most cultures have anecdotal stories of encounters with beings from other dimensions. The Bible is replete. This has been going on since the dawn of human history as there are artifacts, hieroglyphics and structures that give ample evidence of such encounters. Furthermore, as Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert point out, earlier civilizations exhibited such advanced knowledge, that clearly, the notions we have of a linear progression is incorrect. It seems time that we had some disclosures regarding their presence, purpose, and technologies of value, that have been a part of our existence informally. They have shared some ideas of merit, one of which follows. 

The notion is that a belief in separation, ‘we vs. them’, invariably leads to lethal outcomes, one such macabre product known as genocide, obviously no laughing matter. What might create the ‘we vs. them’ mindset? I have yet to recover my article which was taken from my computer on 03/11/17. In fact, they took many of the documents and pictures, not just the article I happened to be in the middle of writing. This theft does tend to engender a feeling of ‘we versus them’. I expect to have my documents returned pronto and an investigation done into the matter, as this has happened before. Other settings on this device have been altered non-consensually which is entirely unacceptable! 

Another less personal example of ‘we vs. them’ is that of Geo-political relations. Our country, the largest and most exciting democracy (in my opinion lol), riddled with flaws but a work in progress, has unfortunately at times, foisted it’s values upon other countries, sometimes without their consent. I would not expect residents of the US to feel put upon by our norms, however different theirs may be. They did after all, choose to come here, fully pledging their loyalties to the political structure of this enduring country. Nor would I expect them to try and change it, as our democracy is not optional, despite our democratic party having morphed into apparatchiks, and the republicans, autocrats, all in need of pruning.(lol) A democracy is who we are by choice, and the very reason for our existence! 

In-house excisions will need to occur promptly! But to countries where we may have been a presence for intelligence purposes, protecting them and ourselves, acquiring resources of some sort, helping to end a war, build an alliance, or establish a country etc., our influence may have been less that desirable. Granted, we do have a good thing going, from my perspective, 😋 but we are not really out to democratize the world, as much as, keep ourselves and the purveyors of good, (sml) safe in it. So on behalf of all Americans, if our presence has been less than stellar or welcomed, let me extend my sincerest apologies. We are not attempting to create a ‘you vs. them’ but a ‘we’ in so far as ideologically possible. (lol) 

Now back to the matter of separation. Is it possible for disparate elements to coexist without adversarial overtures and suspicious ruminations? (lol) Wherever I go, my trusty suitcase holds my values, my beliefs, my hopes and dreams, and such norms to which I am accustomed, as free speech, gender equality, egalitarian norms, respect of persons and property, religious tolerance, though I am not religious, and equal opportunity. Unquestionably, I am awake enough to realize that these ‘lovelies’ exist in vastly different ratios depending on where I am. (lol) So can we really coexist peaceably? 

I will now advance the notion that we can, via the metaphor of the corporeal self. Humor me here. (LoL) As Rita Carter astutely points out in “Mapping the Mind”, east and west are represented by the hemispheres of the brain. The left representing the more materialistic, executive, high-handed and unfeeling West, and the right, the more intuitive, peaceful(?), emotive, and in tune with nature, East. Of course, there are more qualities to either, but surely the case can be made, that I am attempting to be more than fair. What say you?(LoL) So if these two can get along in the brain, which incidentally corresponds also to gender, then so can we, right?! Yayyyy. Hurray for world peace! LOLOLOL At least in theory, this is all very possible! Individually, we manage to negotiate the collective of both hemispheres daily, with most appearing to fall in the bandwidth of ‘sane’ (generous aren’t I? lol) and relationally, we are able to discern the strengths and differences of others, and collaborate brilliantly to achieve splendid outcomes, so…. just perhaps geopolitically we could too??? 

Well then, what appears to be the glitch in all of this, as obviously we have made some huge advances towards world peace. What is the juggernaut in the offing? Could we turn off the switch? Wouldn’t you know... the very ones advocating ‘Oneness’ are the primary agents for destroying the shrub. (lol) Enter religion, that is totalitarian theocracy. Ay ya yaii! It requires that a leaf that is ostensibly not an identical replication of the prototype, be destroyed. That encompasses a great many shrubs of differing varieties, which would leave a rather somber landscape after the bloody apocalypse, which has in fact, begun. 

What I am addressing here, is the gathering momentum of Islam which must be stopped. As Dr. Sebastian Gorka points out in his excellent treatise, ‘Defeating Jihad’, Islam which means ‘submission’ does not believe we can peacefully coexist. They are determined to destroy the ‘infidel’ of which our nation presents their biggest challenge. Individual liberty and separation of church and state, he points out, are antithetical to their beliefs, for which the Koran is law. Holy jihad (oxymoron?) is required for the glory of Allah.

Incidentally, Moslems see themselves as the redeemers of mankind. Perhaps I missed the logic. How does one redeem those they are determined to destroy? And while it might not seem to be a serious threat at the moment, behind the scenes, the permutations of ISIS, the Islamic state, and Al Qaeda, who have established a caliphate in the Middle East, in Syria and Iraq, and are pursuing the ‘infidel’ on their own soil, must be rooted out and destroyed! This is the new ‘axis of evil’, not an atheist communist threat, but a religious totalitarian agenda, highly funded, and determined to reestablish an empire. 

This, it seems to me, is a major threat to global homeostasis. As Americans, we do not insist on dictating the beliefs of others or their practices. In fact as Gorka points out, this is not even a war between religions, but one in which the safety of all Americans, for that matter, all non-Moslems, and Moslems not perceived as exemplary, are at great risk. Just when we thought world peace was just over the horizon. (lol) Well at least we know what needs to eliminated. 

If in fact we are all one, the diverse creations of Source, then the golden rule surely applies. It is such a brilliant solution. What could be easier than treating you as I wish to be treated unless of course you are an ogre. (lol) I’ve met a family of such, and extended relatives. (lol) But alas, humans though endowed with the highest capacity for light are not always plugged in. 😙 Nevertheless, a relatively simple matter to remedy if desired. You never lose by doing good. In the absence of light however, nothing lives. (lol) The heart doesn’t say, “I’ll run the show” though perhaps it is best equipped. Even the brain is a congress of collaborative parts. Nor could it exist without the body. So there is an interdependence that makes ‘you’ possible, and when something goes wrong, there is no hesitation about containing the problem and disposing of the threat. Nor does the body fault the organ that announces the problem. Without them, life would be imperiled for not recognizing the intruder!

In practical terms, what this means is zero tolerance for any and all who are allied with this enterprise. This is not  about our being impervious or unsympathetic to the plight of others, it is about being aware and pragmatic in pruning from local, state and federal government, individuals known to be associated with or supportive of the goals of terrorist organizations and groups such as the Moslem Brotherhood. This certainly affects the vetting protocols for immigrants and political office. If we have learned anything from the last presidency, it is that much can be paraded as legitimate, which like the proverbial ‘Trojan horse’, contains the seeds of destruction. It really is incumbent that we take immediate action and not allow the rhetoric of the misguided mainstream press to deter our resolve. Besides, why would someone of this persuasion want to come to America when their ideology dictates an adversarial relationship with us? It is a requirement for them to convert or eradicate. 😠They could not possibly feel comfortable in a country that legislates freedom of religion.

So... does the shrub disappear with a thorough pruning? From my experience, no. Instead it thrives and grows more beautiful and resilient, expansive and strong. Now is the time to do what we must. Again, the body is an apt metaphor. When a system is compromised, the goal becomes one of removing the threat so as to preserve life and vitality. It is the privilege of every American to become an active participant in supporting any and all officials acting in the interests of the American people, to protect our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. These, as Gorka points out, are what they seek to destroy. Hats of to Congress who just passed Senate Bill 97 to prevent Sharia law in the United States. One would have expected a unanimous vote, but nevertheless, sound thinking prevailed.

I am continually inspired by the the prescience and tremendous wisdom of our founders, that has seen this country into the 21st century. Decisions may require taking a stance averse to your colleagues in the judicial, executive or legislative branches who have not always acted in our best interests. Loyalty to country is far more important, than loyalty to persons or process, as important as those may be. It is up to us to love ourselves enough to drain the swamp as our President elect has pledged to do, and to keep our nation safe for ourselves and all who enter our ports and hallways. May we have the moxie and fortitude to do so.

P.S. I have over the years become aware of the significance of numbers. In numerology, numbers take on different meanings than they do at face value. The problem is, that a number cannot accurately represent a person, for even identical twins show differences in brain chemistry and information processing. Furthermore, in the case of synesthesia or sensory fusion, as pointed out by Richard Cytowic and David M. Eagleman, when one sense is activated in some individuals, it produces sensations in another modality, such that one may “taste shapes, hear color, and feel sounds”. We often assume that others see the world in much the same way we do, and evaluate their input accordingly, but such is not the case.

My point here, is that the numerology system leads to a multiplicity of errors, which can be disastrous. For example, when one kindly shares about something that needs to be improved, offering possible solutions, they are treated as though they were the problem and not the solution! (lol) The problem is the problem. The erroneous assumption that one is unforgiving, is entirely incorrect. The problem still has to be dealt with, even after forgiving, especially when one or more persons are placed at risk! Furthermore, with numerology, qualities are consistent across numbers, sort of like the zodiac attributes for a sign, so if one gets in trouble, all of that number (capriciously assigned mind you), also do, which is totally improper and unjust. The zodiac does not rotate with the constellations per Carl Kuhn, so does not match the actual data. They are imprecise instruments at best.  

So do not harm the messenger. 😮 She is an asset, not a liability unless of course you are the problem. (lol) There have been decided attempts not only to disguise the sham, but when exposed, to harm the emissary. This is absolutely opprobrious and unjustified. Unfortunately, I have lived for all these years since Dad’s demise with a great deal of inequity that has exploited my talents while withholding commensurate returns. To have orchestrated such interference for so long, is a true sign of pathology, and high time the freedoms enshrined in the ‘bill of rights’ were fully experienced. The light is shining into every aspect of our being and consciousness. We came here to wake up, not to continue a mindless cycle of reincarnations for the purpose of harvesting information and energies. We have broken the code and uncovered the ruse. There is no stopping this ascension. Critical mass has been reached! A peaceful world is coming into view.  But don't take my word for it. Help me make it so. 🙂

Proud to be an American ~ Andrea Skhy 

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.  



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Title: “Here comes the sun” - The Beatles (Album – Abbey Road)

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