O Say Can You See, All Facets & Frequencies, Turning Up The Light

So now that skies are clear as we start this New Year, what are we going to do with 2017? First let me extol the virtues of DEMOCRACY. Comparatively speaking, it is a wonderfully messy affair, this “formal equality of rights and privileges” that allows ALL, the freedom to think, be and do as they choose, within moral constraints. It is the only form of government that vests the sum and substance of political power entirely in the hands of it’s citizens. As such, it preserves the essential elements of critical thought and decision making, in a collaborative process, that not only honors the collective, but facilitates individual growth as well.

Actualization flourishes in an environment of flexible thought, spontaneity, independence and fluid action. The men and women who first dreamed this dream and employed it’s structure, were poignantly acquainted with other forms of governance they had left far behind. They ratified their ideals for a free and unfettered society in matters of public discourse, religion, politics and social norms, in the framing of our Constitution. We have much to thank them for. It was so designed to prevent usurpation of power by profligate entities and to be inclusive of it's people's wishes. Only in a democracy could the candor of public discourse galvanize systemic corrections without a shot being fired.

Though misrepresented by the outgoing President, at odds with the Constitution which he took an oath to uphold, having obtained the office under false pretense, and after such perjury, hastening to undermine and subvert our democracy, the Constitution is irrefutably predicated on Christian-Judao principles. Does this matter? Well lets take a look at the polemic. You decide.

Whatever your spiritual moorings however, this country was founded and established in accord with divine providence. (Sml) “The inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are the natural consequence of “constructal law” as articulated by Michael Takac. A democracy is but following the optimal course of least resistance in the structuring of social organization. According to Takac, it works like this: “For a flow system to persist in time (to live) [“Life ], it must evolve freely [“Liberty] such that it provides greater access [“the pursuit of]to its currents [“Happiness” (positive feedback)]."  It is quite remarkable, the parallel symmetry of the natural flow of things to the Declaration of Independence. Hence, our rights are derived from God and not from a civil authority.

The current societal conundrum stems from polar religious ideologies. One that promotes life and honors the natural flow of animate things, the other death. They are as follows:

One says “Let your light shine so others(unbelievers) will see, and honor their divine Maker.” (Matthew 5:16)

The other says: Kill nonbelievers, pursue them until you prevail. Surab 2: 191-193 (Koran)

One seeks permission, knocks and requests entrance. In theory, a gentleman. (Revelation 3:20)

The other, an aggressor, initiates a lethal fight. In theory, a savage. (Surab 8:12) 

One gives himself to the task of uplifting mankind. (Colossians 1:13-14)

The other consumed with irrational vengeance, sets out to destroy mankind. (Surab 9:28-30) 

One governs with goodness and justice. (Isaiah 9:6/ Psalm 67:4)

The other, an iconoclast, dictates ruthlessly, plots, schemes and eviscerates. (Surab 9:5)

One says don’t make a show of devotion, do unto others as you would have them do to you.(Matthew 6: 5-8, Luke 6:31)

The other prays publicly multiple times a day, then rises to pursue it’s homicidal agenda. (Surab 2:238)

One honors the human phyla, recognizing the freedom and equality of his partner. (Galatians 3:28)

The other stratifies society into subservience, captives, and infidels. (Surab 4:34)

One believes in an abundant life both spiritually and materially. (John 10:10, Psalm 35:27/ 68:19)

The other believes abundance is gained by fighting and lawlessness. (Surab 4: 94-96/ 9:5) 

One believes in monogamy and the protection of youth. (Ephesians 5:33, Mark 10:13-16)

The other believes in polygamy, concubinage, pedophilia, homosexuality and sexual deviance. (Surab 4:24/ 23:1/ 52:24/ 76:19)

One gives life, freedom, and abundance; the other captivity, debt, and destruction. (Galatians 5: 13-14), (Surab 47:4)

In summary, one is sane, the other deranged and should be globally banned from the earth in perpetuity! Incidentally, this is not our first encounter with this malicious threat and ideology. The Barbary Wars were the first encounter by our young country in 1801, and for which Thomas Jefferson was instrumental, in ending the tribute (extortion really), and barbaric aggression. Essentially, this is a duel of light versus darkness. Tolerance does not apply to an ideology determined to destroy you. Incidentally, take a gander at which group our outgoing president falls in. (LoL) For the record I am not an adherent of either, though I do admire the virtues of Christianity.

Now lets imagine a dyad: parents who perceive themselves overseers of the political apparatus. The father handles finance, transport, law enforcement, and the mother holds the purse, food, medical, and social services etc. Can you see where this is going? Ah yes. Fractional reserve banking and the welfare state. One has managed to fleece the American public and attempted fiscal collapse via a debt inflated economy and the other keeps the 99% dependent with a rotten standard of living, making money from healthcare, toxic goods, and services. Incidentally, Congress, (partners in crime), passed the Federal Reserve Act giving the FEDs the okay to print money and perpetrate this swindle.

A personal example of robbery is my recent effort to generate some funds by opening a trading account with Tenoption.com, a blunder of immense proportions. Never again! Nor would I recommend it! Personable to begin with, the pleasantries soon changed to lies and dishonesty after the account was opened. The broker, a rather irritable, unscrupulous fellow, refused to trade after one episode, insisting on my providing more money. I summarily requested a refund of my deposit with profits and closing of the account. This was supposed to be returned within a week. It’s been about two months. Now the manager, unethical as the rest, says he’ll only give the deposit back but without profits. The receptionist then wrote to say that if they missed their refund date, which they have consistently done, I would receive the profits. The deadline has yet again been missed; no funds. The matter has been reported to the authorities.

On a larger scale, the aforementioned couple is being played by the shadow government, who should have been entirely removed from office by now. So regardless of which party is in office, the shenanigans go on, as Ma and Pa are willing to extort from us via either party. So you see, the system is really a sham and we have been duped and robbed for a very long time. Now that this is all out in the open, we will need to ensure that such practices are dismantled and the proverbial swamp in Washington, totally drained. We can only hope that our newly elected President will do as he says, but at least we are paying attention. 

Congress who should have impeached Barach Obama in 2009, appears to be without conscience, controlled by lobbyists, donors and special interests. Imagine... allowing an illegitimate president to serve two terms, while attempting to destroy America with unsustainable debt, fund it’s enemies, and contravene the Constitution! He has overwhelmingly met criteria for impeachment in “treasonous acts, bribery, and high crimes and misdemeanors”. (See my Facebook page for voluminous evidence) Furthermore he should be banned from future public office given his ruinous pursuits!

The antipathy of Congress towards holding themselves accountable while the nation goes to h*#< in a hand-basket is reprehensible! Our political representatives have found it quite lucrative to pursue their indolent careers, for which term limits is an absolute necessity! Guess who’s footing the bill for their stay on the hill? Needless to say we, whom these lame-ducks have misrepresented, have been done a gross injustice and should be liberated from the perverse corruption of the Congress and President.

We are expecting the President elect to drain the swamp! He is poised at a most pivotal juncture in the history of our country to do just that. And not a moment too soon. I have already been harmed by these feckless, ruthless characters, though I’m the one trying to solve the problem. But you see, they don’t want it solved. They make money that way at our expense, all the while placating their egos with the moronic notion that they are serving their country! Good God! Seems they all should be in therapy! (lol) Or maybe we could send them to Pluto, the final frontier (LoL)

Another culpable aspect of this deplorable mess is the numbers system which I am convinced was designed to make a total wreck of things. No two numbers of the same quantity are the same qualitatively, ever! So on a regular basis, wrong assumptions and actions are made and lives adversely impacted. So if for example a seven is perceived as a loss, all other sevens are treated as such, even though they are qualitatively different as they represent different goods and persons. It’s all a rotten mess!

To add insult to injury, the commander in chief who utilizes this number system, has had the audacity to compare himself to Jesus. Horrors! How confused can one get about their identity?! Jesus was a capitalist, not a socialist. He multiplied the loaves and fishes so all had more than enough. He turned water into vintage wine, not your average bubbly, good provenance. (LoL) In his story of the hired men, all received a day’s pay regardless of when hired. But all were not expected to excel in equivalent ways. (See story of the talents). He respected and elevated women. He was approachable and loved by kids. He challenged corruption and cleared out the mobsters disguised as clergy. He was not one of them! Nor was he patriarchal, but related to all with the noblest of intentions.

He broke down ethnic taboos and protocols, not by funding criminal elements injurious to his people. He said not to make spiritual practice a burden and favored relationships over societal and religious dogma. He taught the necessity of action when individuals were hurting, (Good Samaritan story) never sending them a bill! He was not into a welfare state, but neither was he unresponsive to their needs. He came to elevate their standard of living and consciousness, and did! He said the kingdom of God is within you, and so it is, but some kingdoms have been trashed by their occupants. (LoL) No, the one who has deceived the American people, disregarded their interests, and colluded with their enemies, is not Jesus. Freedom of speech obviously does not guarantee soundness of mind.

Furthermore the plan was to totally destroy the American people, involving them in needless wars, plundering their natural resources, removing environmental protections, dispossessing of property via voluminous contrived debt, while bringing refugees in to further diminish our resources and imperil the American people. This has been both illegal and adversarial without proper vetting of immigrants. The goal? To create fear and hysteria so as to welcome an intervention which would further disempower the American people. It is time we got up and spoke up and resolved, this will be the day the shenanigans end. Furthermore, he has attempted to snub our allies at the UN and allow military intrusion on our soil without informed consent of the citizenry!

On New Years Eve and New Year’s day, the ‘parents’ went at it here with all sorts of aerial disturbance, explosions, and loud music. I felt like crap by the end of the pandemonium. Still recovering. Surely they’ve lost their ear drums by now. They lost their minds a long time ago. This senseless immolation of kids by parents has got to end. This sexual violence (Pizzagate) and abusive isolation, defamation of character, and drug cocktails to induce silence and inertia, has got to end! The wanton sacrifice of innocence must be apprehended! This abominable psychopathology that condones ‘locking up’ offspring as a method of parenting, so as to prevent upward mobility has got to end!

Likewise, impeachment of this President needs to occur , and can, even after he leaves office. It is imperative however, to do so right away, as there have been decided attempts to further destabilize the operations of government and the incoming President and cabinet. Below is a petition for impeachment. Sign the petition, and call your Congressman! Get involved in ensuring this is the representative government you voted for. They have only gotten away with this for so long by keeping us uninformed. Well now you know, and can do something about it. This really is a matter of national safety that requires immediate action!

So as the body is this phenomenal system of cohesive parts, wonderfully orchestrating diverse functions, internally informed and harmonious, so too must we be. Media, this is your charge to accurately inform the American people of the real 'goings on' of their government. You have betrayed our trust with fictitious stories and concerted attempts to hide the truth. Our defense forces, your first obligation is to protect the American people at home and abroad despite directives to the contrary by a faux President, the UN or other geo-political entities. Congress, you were elected to be our voice and to vote according to our preferences, not corporate entities, to protect from dangers within. You have failed miserably. We demand you cease and desist from undermining the interests of the American people. Educators, you are needed to accurately and dispassionately inform this generation of the pillars on which they stand and the immense hurdles surmounted to bequeath this gift.

Just as the body dispatches an immediate ‘rescue envoy’ to contain any and all threats via phagocytosis, so we must act promptly to protect out interests. We are a prolific assemblage of talent and proficiencies. We have the answers and must be bold and brave enough to act now. This magnificently inspired democracy that we have been the auspicious participants in, we must preserve at all costs. On the eve of this inauguration, lets transmute our love of country into unified effort, shake off the cloak of apathy, and make our country once again a beacon of light to all peoples.

Fondly and with great expectation. ~ Andrea Skhy

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact. 


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