Quarks and Illusions - by Andrea Skhy 


There once was a girl scared of her shadow

For it had been audacious enough to say,

That it would slay her while sleeping when unaware and vulnerable,

For it knew of knives and could wield them that way.

It has blustered and threatened and stolen her reputation

Claiming to be sweet, all-knowing and bright,

But no matter its insistence, it was neither comely nor truthful

And she, never a fraud nor a fright

Though this was the picture the shadow cruelly painted

Of this beautiful being of light.


This went on for years endlessly harming

She despaired of how to make end

This awful portrayal, totaling deceiving

That framed her as only pretend.


It was tragic and cruel, it had robbed her of honor

And any hope of having a life.

For the shadow had inserted its place in her family,

Nor did her friends seem to care of her plight.

Bereft of home and career, for all had been decimated,

She valiantly persisted, hoping someday…

The ruse would be discovered, and the nightmare ended

When the shadow’s veneer would no longer hold sway,

But dissolve into nothingness if folks were aware,

That opposites are powerless for night isn’t day.


For what are shadows but light’s play with structures

Creating caricatures neither substantive nor true

Shadows are empty of hearts and countenances

Playing big but without any solidity or view

Of inner persuasions, of virtue or goodness

Mere reflections of substance, shallow and skewed.

They are two-dimensional apparitions without depth or detail

Parading as real, though anything but true.


The girl has grown up now and no longer afraid, for she knows

That shadows only show up where there’s light

Though they’ve tried to persuade us of all sorts of fallacies

They are easily dispelled despite phony height

For a shadow’s main strategy is easily discerned

They are the opposite of whatever they claim to be right.


Humans are three dimensional and capable of more

For we are substance and mind, consciousness and core

Values and vision and creative quarks of light

Uncovering worlds long hidden from sight

Her world is changing with goodness and truth

And the temerity of like minds coming into the new

Understanding that real is far more important ...

And as things exist because we perceive them,

It is important to know what we have believed in.


So, what are shadows? Mere illusions.

Pictures cast without topography or true dimension

Despite the attempt to coopt our personas

They can never succeed in supplanting our lives.

These portraits of incorporeal bombastic exaggerations.


Copyright 2018 EnlightenedSkhy - All rights reserved