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Jan. 15, 2019

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Jan. 15, 2019
God's Folly & The American Dream

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Jan. 15, 2019

Seasons, Cycles, Lessons Learned 

This article comes on the heels of a crucible at the start of this New Year.  The ideas expressed, are a synthesis of my own and various others of truly distinguished scholarship who have spent their entire lives attempting to uncover mysteries of the past, present and future, and who have done so successfully. I admire and am truly humbled by their brilliance and prescience, some of whom have left enduring monuments on the pages of time, conveying messages via monoliths and art to forewarn of future events.  Although these thoughts are by no means exhaustive, they are invaluable! We are the fortunate recipients and there is no time to waste.

Paradoxically, my attempt to create peace may engender some discomfort, as ideas will challenge some of your most engrained beliefs. The cost to myself has been immense, whilst you have always been loved and wished only the best.  But to get to peace we must remove the splinters (ouch! yes unfortunately) for healing and movement to occur.  So, despite my ambivalence, I share these thoughts realizing that we are in for a bit of turbulence. Here’s hoping we can do this with a minimum of distress and support each other along the way. In November of 2017, I completed the book pictured here.  Immediately following after sharing my excitement with fam, the house went up in smoke, my side of it.  Everything was destroyed… Evidently, all were not happy with my writing the book.

It never occurred to me there might be such a virulent response. 😥 The world had not been particularly unkind, though that was the salient characteristic of family, despite the information being of immense value and not especially personal in any way. Unfortunately, in overt and not so subtle ways, fam has been neither fair nor impartial.  No one is seen for who they are but for whom others would have them be, which creates power differentials of devastating consequences such as this disaster!  This was Wonderland, and as Alice had discovered, you had to be mad to live here.  LOL The upshot?  A permanent move, leaving Wonderland.  Sometimes, chaos is the catalyst for essential new beginnings. No walk in the park for sure, but certainly a breath of fresh air. LOL The nightmare is behind me.

Finding happy is a daily choice not based so much on externals but one’s inner referent.  It is remarkable, given all that has transpired, that I am able to find happy at all! 😮 Our emotional repertoire is splendidly diversified, and all parts play an indispensable role in ensuring our safety and wellbeing, though the melody is sometimes a dirge rather than a ‘jubiloso’ as Pixar’s “Inside Out” cinematography shows. Undoubtedly, facing our circumstances and recognizing the next step is entirely up to us, is a wonderfully cathartic and freeing perspective. Only in a democracy do you have the choice to start afresh with renewed courage, trusting that life will reward your vision!  But alas, so much starting over… don’t know how much more I can take. A few days ago, I looked out during breakfast and noticed the grass shimmering in the morning light, absolutely mesmerizing. All may not be perfect, but there are miracles unfolding all around us and within.  Perhaps we are the biggest miracle.

Now to the topic of finding peace in a world of incongruities.  Is this really possible?  It’s been a lifelong pursuit and fervent wish of many throughout the course of human history. Can we bridge differing expectations and beliefs, inequities and misunderstandings to find a way to harmoniously coexist? It will mean drastically editing the narratives that have accompanied us this far as not all have served us well. In the Christian story of beginnings, the launch of God’s project: earth, did not go so well.  It didn’t take much for the charter duo, fresh from the ‘mold’, to be shown the door after a seemingly innocent act. And God hasn’t been in a good mood since! Not sure he’s ever been. That is a long time to be upset, with episodic destructive episodes punctuating the “worthless bunch” appraisal (lol), and when you read the story of the finale, things don't end well, a virtual horror flick!  Furthermore, he’s taken up the role of cop, but with no concept of justice, and driven by anger it’s been a nightmare. So, I am not looking to him to bring peace.

Additionally, the age-long practice of putting light and darkness together does not create balance in human relationships. They are diametrically opposed!  The devil’s credentials of “liar, murderer and thief at times camouflaged, are disturbingly true. In contrast, Jesus’ credentials of Creator, Peacemaker, and Redeemer has spanned centuries of devotion.  Those two don’t go together in any dimension and are entirely incompatible. One destroyed the other!  Surely the prophesied apocalypse will end the game, god will receive a well-deserved F and be sent to remedial school for anger management and bad parenting (lol). This was obviously a very disturbed experience that demonstrated a gross lack of good sense or proper management.

In the religion of Islam, humans are not even allowed to self-govern outside of theocratic mandates. Nor do they think nations have the right to do so. They are avid political activists attempting to derail opposing structures such as our democracy, which honors our ‘divine’ right to self-determination, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Incidentally, they do take this oath upon entrance to our country which violates their core principles of belief!  The pledge of loyalty is obviously disingenuous as free will is not a part of their beliefs. But if their god can allow such deception, telling them to destroy infidels of which we are considered the mascot, how foolish is it to welcome such determined and ardent iconoclasts here? Is this not suicide? Surely not the sign of good thinking.

The notion of plurality and being open minded enough to accept all others, is essentially without merit, if those others have our demise as their intended goal, for which their lives and ours are demanded by a despotic god. Absolutely no laughing matter.  The attempt to change societal norms and laws, artfully infiltrating universities, governments, and commerce, and employing intermarriage and migration as tools for conquest, while holding such views as Salafist orthodoxy demands, is something of profound risk. Especially given their adamant repudiation of western culture, despising autonomy and nation-states, while living in our country and believing Jihad a legitimate pursuit! This is treasonous and anti-democratic.

Our country was founded by immigrants fleeing religious and political tyranny, not inviting it in! In recent days we have even had caravans of determined asylum seekers attempting to barge their way across the border, using our laws to prevent their exit. This is unacceptable! A country without borders is not a country in any legal sense, and one without protected borders does a great disservice to its citizens. The gravity of the situation is immense! There are those who have always attempted to destroy democracy, not because, they had something better to offer, but precisely because it decentralizes power and protects free will. In this sense, it is a rather remarkable form of government and the only one that truly allows for the liberation of human potential.  

The American ‘experiment’ in democracy, a longitudinal study of 242 plus years has shown conclusively successful outcomes despite being challenged by a perniciously disloyal Congress, consistently derelict in failing to protect our borders, dissolve the Federal Reserve or Military Industrial complex who have undermined our safety, economic viability and non-war objectives.  In fact, they do not even currently meet their elected responsibility of proper representation, which was what led to the founding of our country in the first place: taxation without representation imposed by an autocracy!

In carrying out tactical missions, there have at times been loss of innocent civilian lives, but this was never the goal. The United States has the strongest military prowess of any nation on earth, but we have never attempted to democratize all other nations but rather tip the scales in favor of freedom. Contrary to the belief of theocratic or socialist countries etc., we do not think we are better than our geopolitical neighbors, we simply believe in the right to self-determination and a society where human ingenuity, religious freedom, free enterprise and a representative government can flourish. But we cannot do so at the expense of our citizens and children being robbed of essential resources given to illegal immigrants breaching our borders and tying up litigation for years!  The democratic party unfortunately seems to have strong ties to the mother country whom we left years ago, and who have not given up on destroying the American success story. Unfortunately, as pointed out earlier, even those who come via legitimate means have at times subversive agendas. Burying our heads in the sand is perilous. Action is imperative.

All mythology and religions tell of good guys and bad, sometimes in very alarming relationships like Luke Skywalker, a good guy having Darth Vader for a dad!  What happens when you have a daughter writing a book about this capricious god? Burning down the house?!  Conquest seems to be the common thread, though for very different reasons, one dominance, the other liberation, both working from polar points of view.  In fact, within each of us is the capacity for good and evil and only as we are able to manage these impulses with finesse and wisdom is peace possible.  Let’s take a look at the garden where things were supposedly ideal. Despite popular opinion, it was not a place of free will. It was an agreement of ‘you can live here as long as you do as I say. Otherwise you are on your own, and I will do everything to muck it up for you!’ (lol) Is this not true?

The plan by the way to regain what I lost, is to put this expendable son of mine on the chopping block.  Get used to it. Sacrifices are the antidote. At least you will have gotten conditioned to the gruesome practice by the time he shows up. I mean you guys are disposable and a sorry lot. You will misconstrue his motives and give him a bad rap, but he’s your only hope. Thanking me yet? Lol I am the god of war and you are to love and trust me besides. (Good grief!)  What a dilemma to violate every protective impulse of one’s being… to love the one that hurts you. This by the way is a version of the Stockholm Syndrome, complete with captive audience. Seems it was a good thing that the couple left!

Given the script, it rather seems he wanted us all dead. But even then, he wouldn’t be happy. His mood didn’t improve after the flood. A son was installed evidently to solve his problems, though they obviously do not share the same genetic blueprint or personality, and to send your son on a suicide mission is, in my view, reprehensible.  In fact, the death of the son was to appease his wrath towards us!  But what kind of justice is that?! Harming the innocent to save the ‘guilty’. Really???

Furthermore, He promised a kingdom, but it’s been a few thousand years and still hasn’t delivered. According to the story, a thousand years by our reckoning is but a day in his sight. So, it appears we are working from very different metrics! In all fairness, we should have been appropriately informed. But fairness has hardly been a salient feature of this story.  At the Council of Nicea, convened by Constantine, the divinity of Christ was voted on and formalized in the Nicene creed, along with the concept of the trinity. It was decided that Jesus was begotten, not created.

The canon was agreed on at the Council of Carthage in 397 AD. Numerous books were omitted of rather useful content. But whether you subscribe to the notion of Jesus being simply human, or God, there is no doubt if the facts are examined, that there was a resurrection which turned the world upside down and let to the establishing of Christianity. This was not a fact the Jewish leaders would have admitted were it not so. They were the ones who put him on a cross.

The Catholic church which is a paganization of Christianity led to the Dark Ages! Surprise? 😲 The doctrines are woefully at odds with Jesus' teachings and the Pope who claims to be god on earth, obviously quite impotent at eradicating the vices of bishops and priests, given the widespread and flagrant abuses of the church. Misogyny, pedophilia, and a whole system of ritual, including transubstantiation, purgatory and the veneration of saints is in no way biblical! They have amassed great wealth from indulgences and monetary absolutions (charities lol) to get you out of purgatory. But whoever thought money could buy your way to heaven?! LOLOL 

Clearly, this human vicar requires a system of works plus dollars to get one through the pearly gates though Christian theology espouses salvation by faith! Instead of accepting the merits of the resurrection ratifying Jesus’ victory over evil, the whole story had been repeated over and over in the daily ritual of transubstantiation which commemorates his death rather than his resurrection! Jesus clearly says, “It is for freedom that I have set you free, don’t get entangled again with laws and rituals. He had ended the system of sacrifice and ceremony that had become quite lucrative for the church. Obviously, not being able to decipher right from wrong has dire consequences, but was this not the original game plan? (which got derailed).

Let’s take a closer look at the start of things.  Here we have a Being that supposedly made all things in a week. A week for him could have been many thousand years by our reckoning. For making this all in a terrestrial week might only be possible as a simulation. The culmination of this habitable domain? A couple who were supposedly replicas of himself, sort of like a virtual world with a 3D model. He visits this nude couple each evening who are entirely unaware they are unclad.

They are told not to speak to anyone (for it could be hazardous) and not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, as it would surely cause their demise. But he later says, eating from this tree had made them like himself, knowing right from wrong. Does this mean that he too was mortal, also doomed to die? They could eat from the tree of life but were to live in perpetuity not knowing right from wrong. This was the original plan. Only as they did as directed, were they safe. This does not sound like free will to me but a rather suffocating seclusion that really offered no life at all. They neither had knowledge nor the freedom to choose apart from his directions. Well that was shortlived. 🙃

He tells them to be fruitful, multiply and subdue the earth.  But how much multiplying could that garden geographically accommodate?! The problem is summarily fixed with them being kicked out after having eaten from the tree, which he himself agrees was done innocently. NO JUSTICE HERE! In fact, he was the first one to create homelessness and has been perpetuating the cycle ever since. The tower and flood were subsequent episodes and many others, given the story of the Israelites which obviously involved genocide as well.

The couple were now much more aware of the actual state of things and hastily proceeded to make garments. But to compound the problem, for there was no argument between them, God creates a power imbalance by telling the woman her partner would now be the decisionmaker in the relationship. This was the origin of patriarchy which has been the source of untold horrors in the world ever since. Clearly, this being is emotionally immature, has no capacity for justice, and is a rather malevolent and temperamental being. (Perhaps this is why he burned down the house? Lol)

He could easily have solved the problem of the fruit by taking them out to dinner after providing an outfit of course (LoL) and having a candid discussion on how to proceed, in light of the new information gleaned from their neighborhood snake. Furthermore, if he was so powerful and really in charge, it would have been HIS responsibility to deal with the intruder. But no such thing happened other than their being made to grovel instead of fly. (lol) The couple however were kicked out and left to fend for themselves, but not before creating inequality between them. It seems this game was intended to explore all his dark emotions, for we have certainly gotten more than a lifetime of that! The whole business of patriarchy has robbed men of their humanity and women of their value, creating violence to either in all sorts of ways.

What purpose is served by harming the innocent other than confirming they were innocent in the first place since they survived the ordeal and in the case of his Son, resurrected. But what good is that, if the villain is never apprehended and brought to justice. That you see, is supposed to happen at the very end of the story where the devil is completely disposed of for all time. This should have happened at the garden! It would have saved a lifetime of chaos. 😉 But if God is so averse to free thought, will the problem be solved hereafter?  Is peace really possible with a God who can’t get enough of war? In his world, there is neither justice, safety, free will or virtue. So, does the madness ever end?

On the matter of free will, it would appear according to physicist Freeman Dyson, “that mind, as manifested by the capacity to make choices, is to some extent inherent in every atom.” They couldn’t be just chemically driven, for all those little phagocytes go to work when an intruder is discovered and do know when he is gone! Think about it. Despite the specialization of our many lovely parts, the cells somehow know to tend to their own business and not disturb the processes in the neighboring organ. LoL What’s interesting is that neither do they confound our highly diversified experiences of what we observe or pursue. That is quite a marvel!

 Another physicist, John Archibald Wheeler thinks that observation may account in part for the creation of reality. Nothing is visible, according to Deepak Chopra until a nervous system allows for sight which is entirely unique across individuals. However, according to Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kotter, “Whenever any property of a microscopic object affects a macroscopic object, that object is ‘observed’ and becomes a physical reality.” So, a conscious human observer is not necessary for the existence of a thing.  The guileless couple in the garden may have in time discovered the truths their maker had tried to keep hidden such as there being a wee more matter than antimatter (good vs. evil lol) allowing observable phenomenon to escape death and bring into being their garden home. LoL For the world appears to be highly malleable to thought and observation and willing to divulge its secrets to the persistent observer.

There is a remarkable symmetry that permeates the cosmos and is the basis of all good things, but I am equally sure its presence is not the product of this guy in the old testament who has claimed the title of deity. His issues are many not the least of which is loving himself, given the way he treats those “made in his image” and the voluminous assortment of characters, versions of himself, that have contributed no earthly good to this story!  And why he would be playing a game with infinite versions of himself (Solitaire) is beyond me. (Maybe because he doesn’t like women. lol) Of course, that would explain the selfie craze. LOL But no one then could be held responsible for their actions since ultimately, he is the brain child and source of all the mayhem. The mere fact that we are not all enamored with this vacuous pastime, might suggest independent thought. Thank goodness, thoughts are not predetermined! 😀 Free will really does exist despite his crusade! LOL

We need to start a campaign of Connection rather than Isolation, a trend of Hello’s and How are You’s rather than the powerless glued to your phone craze. In the pursuit of happiness, it is guaranteed to improve your health, visual acuity, observational smarts, and emotional intelligence which have all sorts of perks. So, can we solve the problem now, so we can have a modicum of peace?

Even after writing a book, God’s Folly & The American Dream (available on Amazon), intended to acquaint everyone with solutions to our present dilemma, no purchases have occurred. Furthermore, as a source of income since my belongings were destroyed by this fire and work systematically intercepted, I created an online store (https://smartnsavvy.us) for which no purchases have been made or income derived. My every attempt has been sabotaged by this monstrous being, though no one has volunteered to cover my expenses. 🤨 This is highly unjust and cruel to have had my home, career and finances continually destroyed by contrived methods of one sort or another, leaving one without the necessary resources to live! It’s been decades of no human supports and tremendous interpersonal terrorism. I currently have no resources to cover living expenses though I have applied for jobs, which cops have always tried to intercept! It is a rather precarious situation. If everyone simply got a copy of my book, or one item from the store, this problem would be solved! 🙂 But at this juncture I will have to close the store due to lack of funds.

Of course, it has been more than a personal assault. The atmosphere has been seeded via chemtrails with nanoparticles which places barium and aluminum in the body. These stratospheric aerosol intrusions interface with neurons and synapses via implants designed to control body and mind. Free will is still under attack and guess by whom? It was never his plan and he has systematically endeavored to destroy that wherever it has flourished, namely the United States. Of course, false propaganda is given as reasons for such incursions such as manipulating sunlight for crop yields, stopping global warming, and controlling the weather, really superheating the atmosphere to create “natural” disasters such as hurricanes, superstorms, typhoons, etc. This Biometric Application Programming Interface (BioAPI), has physiological effects such as memory loss, hallucinations, confusion, fatigue, aches and pains etc. Clearly, subversive elements designed to wreak havoc on the populous and create biblically prophesied scenarios.

Why we would want to destroy each other via religeo-political pursuits, erosion of societal norms, or atmospheric contaminants, is mindless, when we are actually on track to be destroyed by cosmic forces.

It turns out, there are rather precise and impressive revelations left via petroglyphs, architecture and cartography, to name but a few, that tell a somewhat different story with incredibly impressive evidence. On the Giza necropolis in Egypt, the pyramids stand as a dire warning, conveyed by a thoughtful and advanced civilization who knew the dimensions of earth and could chart with precision earth’s movement through the ecliptic!  Such edifices replicated elsewhere such as the Nazca plateau in southern Peru, display structures perfectly aligned with the Orion constellation as it would have appeared in 10,500 BC.

Careful examination of the structures reveals an understanding of mathematics and astronomy far more advanced than our own. We still haven’t figured out how these were built. The alignment of the pyramids to true north, south, east and west is remarkable. Transporting stones of such size and fit are a stupefying accomplishment, not to mention the 90-degree corners and ratios of Pi utilized. The placement of the pyramids precisely replicates the configuration of Orion’s belt in the Leonid epoch. Furthermore, the Giza plateau was located at the geographic center of the earth, with Orion on the celestial equator readily visible from all over the earth. At the time they were built and for thousands of years later, they were the tallest structures in existence. They intended for us to get the message!

What story do they tell? The precession of the earth caused by it gyrational motion, shifts its angle over time such that its north pole moves through different star fields. This cycle takes approximately 26,000 years to complete, the end of which is accompanied by cataclysmic events of global proportions.  This appears to be the message of the pyramids, portrayed in tombs on the Giza plateau, of the precessional pendulum bringing disaster at regular intervals of the earth’s movement along the ecliptic. Orion is thought to be home of the gods of mankind and it is believed that they will one day return. By modern estimates, we were at the beginning of a precessional cycle in 2000 AD according to Fiorenza and are now overdue for such an event.  There are many geologic upheavals already occurring of which little or no mention is made in the mainstream press.

It is no time for splitting hairs theologically, advancing a theocracy or manmade apocalypse. Earth has experienced cyclical cataclysms of varying sorts at every equinoctial juncture.  The flood is the primary one referenced in our historical review of worldwide catastrophes, but the evidence for others exist beneath the soil and as told in Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan and other cultural artifacts around the globe. For an incredibly intriguing synopsis, see Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods.

The capstone of this fascinating observation of cyclical phenomena is the precessional effect on consciousness via the cross created by the intersection of the ecliptic and celestial equatorial planes, (vernal axis) and the galactic plane. Nick Anthony Fiorenza brilliantly describes the relationship in the article referenced below. When the intersection is so aligned as to create a perfectly upright cross, with earth tilted towards the illuminating galactic plane, the resulting resonance leads to an unfolding of unified consciousness such as we are currently experiencing, in which the divine feminine and masculine are brought into harmonious balance within ourselves and all life on the planet; truly a remarkable event! It appears then that the precessional cycle is the fulcrum on which earth’s cycles of dissonance and enlightenment are dispensed as the resonance of galactic energies are brought to bear on the experience of human consciousness. It is just unfortunate that whilst we are now at the most unified and illumined position in the precessional cycle, we are also at a pivotal juncture for geophysical disturbances of epic proportions.

Suffice it to say, perhaps what time remains is best spent in thoughtful introspection of where we would like to be after the showdown commences if still here, and how best to spend the time remaining. War just doesn’t seem to be the answer.  Regarding religion and its varied end-game scenarios, many tell of a world-wide extinction event that is right at our door. This is not something to be taken lightly, particularly given the periodicity of celestially orchestrated disasters whether by the displacement of earth’s crust, magnetic pole shifts and resulting ice-ages, floods, or conflagrations.

Neale Walsh says heaven is never feeling separate from another and that life is about big you and the way your life touches others, not local you. Alan Watts says you are an illusion. LOL Deepak say you are nonlocal. Dr Seuss says, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you!” Hear, hear! 😋 The magnificence of the mind cannot be overstated, for according to Paul King, it is neither analog nor digital but uses a representational strategy that we have yet to understand. The optic nerve does amazing things in the dark that reveal remarkable things in the light! So, whether we are local, nonlocal, big or small, I say what matters is how we connect with the world as we know it and each other in the present moment.

How we raise the quotient of good is refraining from doing unto others what we would not have them do to us! Religion at best, offers virtues and ideals, but cannot achieve inner transformation by dictums, ritual or currency.  It has to be a chosen lifestyle or behavior, not one that is imposed. Free will alone can secure lasting change. Can good exist without evil? It absolutely can. In fact, it flourishes, and we are capable of such things! God has not succeeded in creating harmony or good via threats and disasters. People can only do good when they choose to be good. And if consciousness is an intrinsic characteristic of all matter, (which I think it is), then we have a stunning example of cooperation, of things visible working in tandem with things invisible to create a world of form, loveliness and possibility. Perhaps we might join them in this endeavor!

Your friend, Andrea Skhy ~ Author

P.S. This is not fiction guys, the hour glass is running out.

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You are the universe - Deepak Chopra, book  

Fingerprints of the Gods - Graham Hancock, book

Genesis 2: 15-17


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